NFL Rumors: DeMarcus Lawrence Facing NFL Suspension For Amphetamine Use

The latest NFL rumors ahead of this year’s draft is talking about a Dallas Cowboys player facing an NFL suspension for drug use. Unfortunately for fans of the team, it feels as though Cowboys players are facing NFL suspensions on a somewhat regular basis, though the mention of DeMarcus Lawrence is one that might surprise those who follow the franchise closely. The reason he’s facing his suspension from the NFL might be even more surprising in this day and age.

DeMarcus Lawrence [Photo by AP Images]DeMarcus Lawrence is facing an NFL suspension for taking amphetamines, according to The reason this report falls under the NFL rumors category is because the league has not actually confirmed the player is facing this kind of NFL suspension. While sources are talking to ESPN, the publication has posited the reason the announcement hasn’t been made yet is because the appeals process has not yet been completed.

According to the Dallas Morning News, DeMarcus Lawrence would be facing a four-game ban at the beginning of the 2016 season should the reports be accurate. If the Dallas Cowboys do have to go the first quarter of next season without their starting left defensive end, it would be a blow to a team that already identified the defensive line as a point of weakness. Lawrence is not the only Dallas Cowboys player who is facing an NFL suspension at the beginning of the 2016 season. In February, the league let the team know Randy Gregory tested positive for marijuana use.

That has been the drug of choice before, and the young defensive end appears to have a bit of a problem with weed use. NFL rumors are now going to be swirling around the Cowboys as it tries to figure out how it is going to deal with the fallout from so many of its players facing NFL suspensions. This comes around the same time the franchise decided it couldn’t afford to bring Greg Hardy back into the fold. Hardy himself missed time last year thanks to disciplinary action stemming from a domestic abuse charge of his then-girlfriend.

[Photo via Brandon Wade/AP Images] [Photo via Brandon Wade/AP Images]The real question floating around these NFL rumors is whether or not the Cowboys are going to want to use their first round pick on another defensive lineman. While the team is going to be very thin at the position, it will suddenly become quite a bit deeper in week five of the season. Joey Bosa is the odds on favorite to be ranked as the best d-lineman in the upcoming draft, but Dallas has to figure out whether he might be better than what they have in Randy Gregory and DeMarcus Lawrence. Otherwise, the team would be using a first round draft pick on a player who would likely be riding the pine just as the season gets rolling.

DeMarcus Lawrence is already a player the team has gone out on a limb in order to bring into the fold. In 2014, the team traded up in order to draft him as the 34th player taken. Lawrence rewarded Dallas with an excellent season regarding pass rushing. DeMarcus Lawrence finished the year with 55 tackles and eight sacks, as well as one forced fumble. Despite those numbers, the front office has talked early and often about improving the pass rush being the top priority for this offseason. So far, the Cowboys haven’t managed to get much help for either Lawrence or Gregory, instead signing players who look to be backups at best. With the latest NFL rumors that Lawrence is facing an NFL suspension, the team is going to have to work extra hard to fulfil its offseason goals.

[Photo by Brandon Wade/AP Images]