‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Anna’s Struggle For Freedom Continues, Alexis Faces Difficult Conversations, And Ned Reunites With Olivia

There is plenty of drama on the way with Thursday’s episode of General Hospital. Spoilers share that Anna remains behind bars, and people will be taking sides when it comes to her case. Ned’s return to Port Charles sparks a reunion that could be interesting to watch, and there is plenty more ahead regarding Julian’s place in the Carlos mess. What can everybody expect from the April 21 show?

As viewers saw earlier in the week, Paul was released from jail, but Anna remains locked up and now Carlos is in the cell across from her. General Hospital spoilers indicate that Andre will learn of Anna’s arrest from Jordan during Thursday’s show, and he is stunned. It seems that he will soon be working to help her as she fights for a way to regain her freedom.


Paul had some interesting thoughts to share with Anna before he was released, telling her that he loved her, but General Hospital spoilers note that he is back to visit her during this next show, and his words aren’t quite so sweet. He will tell her that she is not getting out on bail, and he seems to be gloating as he says it. Paul may be feeling confident at the moment, but he may want to exercise some restraint, as this situation isn’t fully sorted out yet.

Julian asked Alexis to represent Carlos and persuade him not to take the deal, and she agreed to help. However, it seems that Julian may think that this relationship entitles him to some inside information about Carlos’ case, and General Hospital spoilers note that Alexis will be setting him straight on that idea. During this next episode, Alexis will also be facing a chat with Sonny, where he once again tries to warn her about how bad her husband is.

General Hospital spoilers indicate that there is plenty of action related to Ned in this next show as well. According to We Love Soaps,Ned will be chatting with Tracy, and he questions whether she truly has changed after all she has gone through. The Quartermaine family may have ELQ back now, but that surely doesn’t mean Tracy will be entirely happy, pleasant, and easygoing now.


At some point during Thursday’s episode, Ned and Olivia will run into one another for the first time since he returned to Port Charles. Will the sparks fly between these two once again, since the buzz is that Ned will be sticking around for a bit? Viewers will also see Carly and Sonny sharing some sweet and emotional moments as they celebrate his birthday.

There is a bit of action related to Dr. Finn coming up as well. Obrecht is determined to nudge him out of town, but Tracy is not having it. General Hospital spoilers share that Tracy will insist that Finn stick around, and Soap Central teases that as the week continues, Obrecht will end up giving Monica an idea that may well be related to trying to keep Finn in Port Charles.

Anna will soon be getting some representation as she tries to figure out how to get out of jail, and fans can be sure that there are plenty of additional twists and turns on the way regarding this Carlos mess. Will the sparks fly for Ned and Olivia again? What comes next for Tracy as her recovery continues? Stay tuned for additional General Hospital spoilers to see where things are headed as the chaos continues in Port Charles.


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