Watch Bernie Sanders Pennsylvania Rallies Live Online: Streaming Video, Full Replay Of Rallies From Scranton, Reading, And Montgomery County

Viewers can watch the Bernie Sanders rallies from April 21 live online and see if his campaign can still rally the troops in Pennsylvania after suffering a crushing loss in New York.

Facing an already narrowing path to the Democratic nomination, Sanders needed to score an upset victory in the Empire State on Tuesday to keep his campaign chugging along. Instead, he suffered a resounding loss to Hillary Clinton, falling behind even further in the delegate count and making his new path to the nomination close to impossible.

But the Sanders campaign has vowed to fight on, and on Thursday he will hold rallies across Pennsylvania.

Video of the rally from Scranton can be found below. It is scheduled to start at 1 p.m.

The Bernie Sanders rally from Reading can be seen below. It will start at 5 p.m.

Bernie Sanders will cap off the April 21 rallies with an appearance at the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center at 8 p.m. Streaming video can be found below.

After Tuesday’s loss, Bernie Sanders took the chance to return to his home in Vermont, spend some time with his wife, and recharge.

“He wanted an opportunity to think,” said Sanders senior strategist Tad Devine (via NBC News). “It’s affording him an opportunity to think about where we are in the campaign, what he wants to say in the weeks ahead. He hasn’t had a real chance to do that” in weeks.

The loss in New York may have put the nomination out of reach for Sanders, but the remaining weeks could still be an important time for his campaign and for his message. His message of fighting entrenched interests in politics and reducing income inequality has found an enthusiastic audience, especially among younger voters, and spreading that message is seen as valuable even if Sanders is too far off the pace to win the nomination.

Those who watch the Bernie Sanders rallies from Pennsylvania live online are likely to see the same enthusiasm and message that Sanders has carried throughout his campaign, NBC News noted.

“Democratic primary voters have shown no sign they’re in a rush for the race to settle down, and seem hungry for Sanders’ message, if not his presidency.

“He’ll continue to draw massive crowds from zealous fans, who have almost literally given his campaign a blank check to do as they wish. On Wednesday night, the campaign announced raising $15 million more than Clinton in March, though they also spent much more.”

Sanders has many times vowed to remain in the race until all votes are counted, and so far his fundraising has given him that ability. Thursday’s rallies will be a good indication of just how much enthusiasm is left for his campaign.

But there may no longer be an emphasis on Hillary Clinton. Sanders has been gently warned by some of Clinton’s surrogates to back off any attacks on Clinton that could hurt her in the general election — including one anonymous Clinton aide who reportedly said “f*** Bernie Sanders” if he chooses to go negative.


Clinton herself appears to be reaching out, making overtures to Sanders supporters in an effort to ease tensions. The race had grown contentious among many supporters of the candidates, especially amid allegations of voter suppression in New York that many Sanders supporters say unfairly targeted them.


Those who miss the live streaming video of the Bernie Sanders rallies from Pennsylvania can catch the full replay in the embedded videos above.

[Photo by Natalie Behring/Getty Images]