JoJo Fletcher’s ‘Bachelorette’ Winner Revealed Already? Did Jordan Rodgers Get The Final Rose?

Production for the upcoming season of The Bachelorette is still in progress, and JoJo Fletcher has narrowed down her choices of men. In fact, only a handful of suitors remain, and Fletcher may already have a final pick in mind. Will she give her final rose to Jordan Rodgers, or are her former feelings for Ben Higgins clouding her judgment?

According to the Hollywood Gossip, Fletcher is down to her final five choices. The remaining contestants include Luke Pell, Jordan Rodgers, Robby Hayes, Wells Adams, and James Taylor. Although nothing has officially been confirmed, there are hints that Fletcher will pick Rodgers in the end.

After all, Rodgers is famously related to NFL quarterback Aaron Rodgers. Not only does this make him an appealing match for Fletcher, but it also goes to show that he knows how to handle being in the spotlight.

'Bachelorette' JoJo Fletcher's Final Four Guys Revealed, Plus Where Did She Head For Her Overnight Dates [Image via ABC]
JoJo Fletcher [Image via ABC]

Even more, reports indicate that Rodgers and Fletcher really hit it off from the moment they first met. Of course, the final rose ceremony has not been filmed, which means that anything could happen until then. Furthermore, Rodgers has some pretty stiff competition, and there is no telling who Fletcher will pick in the end.

At the same time, producers of The Bachelorette have a history of misleading fans. However, based on what has been leaked so far, it is clear that Rodgers made it this far in the competition. The fact that Rodgers has made it into the final five means that some of the rumors about him and Fletcher are true.

JoJo Fletcher Ben Higgins

Whatever happens, it is clear that Fletcher has moved on following her heart-breaking rejection on The Bachelor. Fletcher made it all the way to the end of The Bachelor before Ben Higgins decided to give her the boot. However, before Higgins picked Lauren Bushnell over Fletcher, he told the latter that he loved her. Despite the emotional exchange and subsequent fallout, it appears as though Fletcher is well on her way to finding love.

“I want to find my husband. I want to find the person who will complete me and who will love me as much as I love him. I’m more ready than ever,” she told People.

While JoJo Fletcher is clearly looking for love and a stable relationship, she also explained how she is using her experience on The Bachelor to help her find true love for herself on The Bachelorette. Given everything she went through with Higgins, her experience should prove invaluable in her own quest to find a husband.

“I was lucky to have gone through that, I learned so much and now I know what I want and I know what I deserve,” she explained to the outlet.

In addition to her comments, the network also released the first promotional poster for Fletcher’s season of The Bachelorette. Fletcher is featured in a gorgeous red dress complete with an assortment of rose petals in the poster.

“From Ben to 26 new men,” the caption reads.

According to Movie News Guide, Fletcher took some personal time following The Bachelor’s dramatic finale. This included a short stay in Jamaica and some time at her home. Apparently, the vacation paid off, and Fletcher is more than ready for her time in the limelight.

jordan rodgers bachelorette
[Image via Jordan Rodgers Instagram]

At this point, it isn’t clear if Fletcher will pick Rodgers or one of the other contenders in the end. However, considering how well the two have gotten along, it is a safe bet that he’ll be among the finalists when The Bachelorette wraps its upcoming season.

Fans can watch Fletcher narrow down the competition when the new season of The Bachelorette premieres May 23 on ABC.

Tell us! Do you think JoJo Fletcher will find love with Jordan Rodgers this season on The Bachelorette? Let us know in the comments below.

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