‘NCIS’ Season 13 Episode 19: Why Is A British Spy Targeting Agents? [Spoilers]

As promised, NCIS Season 13 Episode 19, Return to Sender, set up the storyline for the season finale. A British spy had broken out of prison and was targeting agents. The question is why, and how will it affect Tony DiNozzo in the season finale?

After having his identity stolen, Tony has started to do some soul searching. Has he really given up everything for the NCIS team? He didn’t have much time to reflect, as the team were called in to work with the FBI and Homeland Security when they find out a former spy and another British prisoner escaped and are now on U.S. soil. The episode brought favorite Agent Fornell back, and some scenes took place in a laser tag arena.

It doesn’t take long to find out who the two prisoners are. While the first is a murderer, the second — and most important one of the episode — is Jacob Scott, a former MI-6 agent, who is in prison for espionage. The story goes that Scott was selling intelligence on American nuclear weapons to Russia, and everyone knows how that was viewed.

Why has NCIS ended up with the case? It turns out that an NCIS team put Scott in prison, and now Fornell wants the team to help find him. However, the FBI will be in charge—as usual. It doesn’t stay that way for long when Director Vance tells Fornell that his team is back in charge, but the FBI can help; and so can Homeland Security.

Some digging leads the teams to the laser tag center in Virginia, where Scott’s last visitor, Miranda Okafor, is now the owner. They pay a visit to the center, only to find her and the janitor Max Allinson dead, killed execution style. It seems like an obvious reason for Scott to kill them, but more of the truth is soon revealed. Okafor had a fake wall blocking to a secret room, which turns out to have missing weapons and an empty safe. Okafor was also a former MI-6 agent, and trained Scott.

It doesn’t take long for NCIS to become Scott’s target, as the next morning he pays Vance a visit in his car. With his car’s panic button disabled by a jammer, Vance has no choice but to do as he is told. He does use a duress password on an accounting login to alert the team something has happened. Scott needed access to records to find out which agents were involved in him being detained. He is, of course, out for revenge. But it turns out that it is not for being locked away. He wants revenge because the NCIS agents killed his wife!

The operation that led to Scott’s arrest was actually one to stop the Russian counterpart, Nika Razin. She was Scott’s wife, and she was killed in the attack. Scott’s first call is to Chief Morrow, who ordered the attack. Gibbs races to Morrow’s house, but it is too late. Morrow is dead, and Scott is moving on to his next victim.

The mystery of Tony’s apartment was also revealed, as expected based on the NCIS spoilers from Heavy. It turns out that it was the scene of a triple murder, which meant the price was extremely low. There is still blood on the flooring that will never come out. This could certainly be part of the Season 13 finale, as Tony leaves and decides to sell his apartment to McGee and Delilah.

NCIS will now take a week’s break. It will return on May 2, and the final three episodes of Season 13 will air without any more breaks. The finale will finally show just how and why Michael Weatherly is leaving NCIS.

[Photo by Mark Davis/Getty Images]