Target Takes Stand Amid ‘Bathroom Bill’ Controversy, Welcomes Transgenders

The controversial “Bathroom Bill” has been the talk of many, and now, Target has taken a stand in support of the transgender community.

On March 23, Governor Pat McCrory of North Carolina signed a bill into law called the Public Facilities Privacy & Security Act, or the “Bathroom Bill,” which bans transgenders from using public bathrooms that correspond to the gender they identify with. Instead, they must use the bathroom designated to the gender that is stated on their birth certificate.

Because of the “Bathroom Bill,” there has been some backlash against the state, with some companies opting to take their businesses somewhere else to show their support to the transgender community. As Fortune reported, North Carolina business leaders are calling for a repeal of the new law, as it is causing the state great economic loss.

One company that is standing behind the transgender community is discount retailer Target. The company announced on Tuesday that they welcome transgenders, and they are allowed to use bathrooms or changing rooms specified for the gender they identify with.

Target has always stood for inclusiveness, but the company just wanted to remind everyone where they stand amid the controversy. In a statement posted on the Target website, they stated that inclusiveness has always been a core belief of the company.

“We believe that everyone–every team member, every guest, and every community–deserves to be protected from discrimination, and treated equally. Consistent with this belief, Target supports the federal Equality Act, which provides protections to LGBT individuals, and opposes action that enables discrimination.”

While there are many who celebrated Target’s stand on the issue, there are still others who are against it. As reported by Breitbart, one customer questioned the statement given by Target.

“Way to go Target for choosing to protect the.03% of the ADULT transgender population over your women, children, mothers, grandchildren, teenager population. I’m sure you will say you I [sic] longer miss us but I’m sure the $$$’s spent weekly will be felt somewhere.”

Another user commented that Target is “not above the laws to protect ALL your guests, not just the LGBT community.” In her Facebook post, the user mentioned an incident in Washington where a man filmed women inside dressing rooms.

More complaints were posted on Twitter.

My wife just cut up our @target credit card and I am proud of her. #safety #makesnosense

— Todd Adkins (@ToddAdkins) April 21, 2016

A woman’s complaint to Target regarding the bathroom policy was answered by a parody Target account. The woman did not recognize the response as a joke, and a screenshot was posted to Twitter.

This is Target’s response to my complaint about shared bathrooms.

— Pique (@ptkay) April 21, 2016

Target’s real statement and position on the matter might be a surprise to many, but Target spokeswoman Molly Snyder said that it’s nothing new. The statement that was released by Target was just a “restatement” of their longstanding policy, Snyder said to Star Tribune.

Some companies, including Starbucks, Twitter, Facebook, Apple, and Google, have signed a petition to North Carolina’s governor to repeal the anti-transgender law. Musicians such as Bruce Springsteen and Pearl Jam have also cancelled their concerts in the state to make a stand against the issue.

What do you think about Target’s stand on the transgender issue? Share your comments below.

[Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images]