April 21, 2016
Selena Gomez: 'Men In Black 4' Wants Her To Suit Up And Join The Team

Selena Gomez has come a long way since Wizards of Waverly Place, and she has just reached a new high.

More strange news about the upcoming Men in Black 4/23 Jump Street crossover film recently surfaced, as Hollywood Life reports that "Hands to Myself" singer Selena Gomez may very well be joining the cast.

Gomez's inclusion in the film would be a huge step not just for Selena's own career, but for women in Hollywood as a whole, an insider told Hollywood Life. And the likelihood of Gomez being slotted in the role will depend on the success of a film coming to theaters soon that has nothing to do with Gomez.

"There has been talks that the 23 Jump Street/Men in Black 4 crossover is happening, but one thing that isn't being talked about is that it might actually be Women In Black. Sony is going to look real close on how Ghostbusters ends up doing at the box office and then push from there with a potential female duo for the future of the Men in Black franchise."

As many internet-savvy readers may already know, there is a Ghostbusters reboot movie with an all-female lead cast set to come out in mid-July this year. Although nearly every review of the movie's trailer started off by saying how the lack of male leads would not affect their opinion of the film in the least, Hollywood is apparently calling that bluff. They want to use Ghostbusters as a test run for the female lead cast idea and work it into Men in Black 4 if it doesn't hurt sales.

Hollywood Life's Selena Gomez source added that Men in Black 4's producers would love to freshen the series up by centering the next installment around a strong young female duo instead of the usual duo of Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones, and Selena Gomez would make a perfect choice to fill half of that new power pairing.

"Selena Gomez would be one of the young female talents to have the chance to get the role. James Bobin has directed her briefly in The Muppets and really liked her and would love to work with her again," the source continued. "If all the puzzle pieces land in place, this could end up being the biggest role of Selena's career. So now nature and a little luck has to take its course."

It is unlikely the Selena Gomez-led all-female cast concept would spill into the 23 Jump Street side of the crossover flick, since Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum are still young and have received huge amounts of praise for their roles in the series. However, interplay with a young, hot Selena Gomez and her as-of-yet undecided-upon partner would surely give Hill and Tatum a lot to work with.

Gomez's casting would certainly be a departure from the days of Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones leading the franchise, but it would continue the tradition of having a musical artist/actor (Smith and now Gomez) in the lead role. Will Smith penned and performed two incredible tracks for the first two Men in Black films, both of which became hits. We're sure Selena Gomez will be happy to put together a Men in Black-inspired banger if she is cast in the role.

Selena Gomez has also been filling her time devising a scripted autobiographical series about herself for Lifetime and feuding with Hailey Baldwin over her ex, Justin Bieber.

If Gomez and her producers decide to let her don the black suit and black shades in the upcoming film, would you be in line for tickets? Who do you think would be a good partner for Selena Gomez if she does end up starring in the 23 Jump Street crossover film? Make yourself heard in the comments section below.

[Photo by Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images for MTV]