JoJo Fletcher’s Long List Of Requests For Men On ‘The Bachelorette’ Revealed

It is almost time for JoJo Fletcher’s season of The Bachelorette to start airing, and now the long list of request she had for her men has been revealed. JoJo didn’t want just any guy trying to win her over and was pretty picky about the men that she would be meeting on night one. Life & Style Magazine was able to find out what JoJo is looking for in a man and hopefully the producers of the show were able to get a few that meet her criteria. One thing that she really wants is someone who is successful, and if they aren’t, JoJo wasn’t even interested in meeting them. If she is going to find a husband on the show, she wants one that she will have a good life with once the show is over.


The insider shared JoJo Fletcher works as a real estate developer in Dallas and makes pretty good money. She wants someone who compares to her in how successful they are with their career. The insider went on to reveal that JoJo has a certain type of guy that she wants to fall in love with on the show. She is hoping for someone that is tall, dark, and handsome. Of course, on The Bachelorette they want a few diverse guys and don’t want them to all look the same. They were able to talk JoJo into a few blondes for this season of the show. It will be shocking if she picks one of them in the end, though.


The source shared that JoJo Fletcher was one of the pickiest people ever on the show. Other girls have wanted specific things, but they didn’t have as many requests as JoJo Fletcher did. She could have decided to bail on the show if they didn’t agree to get the kind of men she wanted for her season. JoJo is hoping to find love, but she wants the right type of man. ABC knew that she was a fan favorite and of course they want to keep her happy.

Reality Steve was able to share some spoilers about how things are going for JoJo Fletcher so far this season. She has already had her first hometown date, which means she is down to just four guys on the show now. JoJo’s first hometown date was in Castle Rock, Colorado. It looks like all of the guys that are left for JoJo are the type that she has been looking for, and hopefully, she was able to find love with one of them. Fletcher is just a few weeks away from picking her final man and possibly being engaged.

JoJo was close to being chosen by Ben Higgins, but in the end he proposed to Lauren Bushnell instead. Ben actually told both of these women that he loved them, but had to choose one in the end. Ben and Lauren are still going strong, and JoJo got the job as The Bachelorette, so it may have worked out for the best. Lauren and Ben are now living together and moving forward with their relationship. Hopefully, at the end of this season of The Bachelorette, JoJo will have found love as well.

Are you shocked to hear that JoJo Fletcher was so picky about the men they would have on the show? Do you think that JoJo will find love? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don’t miss The Bachelorette with JoJo when it starts to air on May 23 on ABC.

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