Beyoncé’s ‘Lemonade’ Trailer Screams ‘Divorce’ In A Terrifying Way: Here’s Why [VIDEO]

Pretty much everyone agrees the trailer Beyoncé released on April 16 for her upcoming Lemonade video album is very creepy, but not so many have stopped to consider the meaning of the video in the context of Beyoncé’s personal life. To be more specific, the images presented in the video are extremely revealing of the troubled relationship between Beyoncé and her husband, Jay Z.

It does not take a particularly discerning eye to tell that Beyoncé’s Lemonade teaser is unsettling. It is edited in almost exactly the same style as the trailer for a horror movie. It’s got many abrupt cuts to different ominous images, a discordant and melancholy set of tones as a soundtrack, odd lighting, black-and-white filters, Beyoncé swinging a baseball bat at a security camera, you name it.


Beyonce’s Lemonade video is so horrific, claims a previous Inquisitr article, that people even took to the internet to theorize Beyoncé had been possessed by evil during its making.


Making Beyoncé’s Lemonade trailer even more horrifying is the slow and cryptic whispered voice-over Beyoncé lays over the imagery.

“The past and the present merge to meet us here. What are you hiding? Why can’t you see me? You are the love of my life. Every fear… wrap your legs around me. What am I doing, my love? Pull me in, pull me in, pull me in.”

Love of my life? Drifting apart? Inability to see eye to eye? Wait a second, it sounds like Beyoncé is talking about Jay Z, her husband of eight years who she reportedly has been having problems with as of late.

Beyonce 'Lemonade' Trailer Divorce Hints Beyonce and husband Jay Z do not look as in love as they once did. [Photo by Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images for Variety]Radar reported as early as summer of 2014 that Beyoncé and Jay Z were headed for divorce, and now they are hardly even seen out together. They recently nixed their previous plan of having a second baby together, and sources across the internet provide countless ways in which Jay Z and Beyoncé’s marriage seems to be crumbling.

With her words, Beyoncé seems to display some regret for the state of her relationship (“what am I doing, my love? Pull me in”), but she also makes it glaringly obvious that things are very bad indeed between Beyoncé and Jay Z, assuming the tone of the video is any reflection of the nature of Beyoncé’s relationship.

Beyonce 'Lemonade' Trailer Divorce Hints The couple shortly after their marriage in 2008. [Photo by Vince Bucci/Getty Images]What Beyoncé says is not the only glaringly obvious allusion to her marriage, either. In the video, Beyoncé can actually be seen wearing a tattered wedding dress and a storm can be seen rolling in. If those images are not Beyoncé’s effective metaphors for “my marriage is in shambles and is soon going to be over,” points out Celeb Dirty Laundry, what is?

Is this really it? The moment when Beyoncé will finally announce her divorce from Jay Z? Or, as Radar postures, is it actually just a clever marketing ploy Beyoncé is using to drum up hype for Lemonade? We will undoubtedly find out more details, if not the answer to that question, when Beyoncé’s Lemonade is debuted in its entirety this Saturday on HBO.

We’ll almost surely be getting the new Beyoncé album in a couple of days. Will we be getting confirmation about her relationship status, too, with Beyoncé’s Lemonade? What do you think? Speak up in the comments section below.

[Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images]