China Deploys 2,000 Troops Along Their Border With North Korea, Worried The Country Will Conduct A Fifth Nuclear Test

Recently, North Korea has become a concern for almost every first world country. According to past reports, it seems Kim Jong Un is attempting to show everyone just how strong the country's military presently is. The dictator of North Korea is mainly showing such might through military tests of missiles they have either created or attained. Now a new level of concern has been reached among the world as North Korea is reportedly testing nuclear weapons. Kim even says they have a ballistic missile that can reach the United States. They are also being promoted as nuclear weapons as shown in a propaganda video of them nuking Washington D.C., as shown below.

Needless to say, other countries who consider North Korea a threat are not sitting around wondering what Kim Jong Un's next move will be. China, for example, stepped up by imposing sanctions on North Korea over their nuclear tests.

Now there are recent reports that China is taking further steps to secure their border with North Korea. The country recently deployed 2,000 troops along it in light of North Korea possibly conducting a fifth nuclear test.

According to UPI, China deployed troops along its border with North Korea, a total of 2,000 soldiers to be exact. The military move was made just ahead of Pyongyang, the capital of North Korea, conducting a fifth nuclear test before their Seventh Party Congress this coming May. The public was made known of China's recent military movement on Wednesday, April 20, through the Information Center for Human Rights and Democracy, a non-governmental organization in Hong Kong.

It should be noted that China previously deployed military soldiers along their border with North Korea earlier this year in January, as reported by Asia Times. Back then, Pyongyang announced they had a "successful" hydrogen bomb test. As a result, China sent 3,000 soldiers to its northeastern region. China also sent military soldiers to the North-South land mine provocation last year in August. Finally, China dispatched soldiers in response to the execution of Kim Jong Un's uncle-in-law, Jang Sung Taek.

South Korea
South Korea is also protesting North Korea and their nuclear program. In this demonstration, an effigy of Kim Jong Un is destroyed and burned. [Photo by Chung Sung-Jun/Getty Images]

China is not alone in taking extra precautions in response to North Korea's recent actions. In South Korea, Tony Blinken, the U.S. deputy secretary of state, along with Cho Tae Yong, the deputy chief of South Korea's presidential national security office, are collaborating to add more pressure to force North Korea to change up its nuclear strategy. What exactly they are doing for such to happen were not explained.

The South Korean people, however, have been more verbal in their plight against North Korea's nuclear program. Across the country, people are holding protests to show they are not intimidated by Kim Jong Un and his threats. In one such display of defiance, effigies of Kim Jong Un are made. Afterwards, they are beaten with sticks then set ablaze.

[Photo by Elizabeth Dalziel - Pool/Getty Images]