Gwen Stefani Makes It Clear: Gavin Did Not Get My Music Or My Fashion Line

Gwen Stefani is telling her fans that she lives the girl power she talks about, and in her divorce, she walked away with all of her music and her fashion line. In divorcing Gavin Rossdale, she got her music and the No Doubt rights that she holds, and Rossdale walked away with his Bush music. Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale seem to have worked out everything like adults.

According to the Inquisitr, Gwen Stefani got off easy in her divorce settlement from Gavin Rossdale. The couple did not have a prenup, and since California is a community property state, Gavin Rossdale was entitled to half of everything in the marriage. The couple agreed on joint custody, and what seems like an equitable arrangement otherwise.


TMZ is reporting that the agreement between Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale seems to be that everyone leaves with what they brought to the marriage. Gwen Stefani will depart with all of her music, and her fashion lines, and Rossdale still owns all of the music from his Bush days.

Gwen Stefani has agreed to put 25% of the profits from L.A.M.B in a trust, presumably for the children, the couple’s three boys. When it comes to real estate, Stefani gave up claim to their homes in Europe (there are four) but Stefani gets 50% of the profits from the sale of their Beverly Hills house, and also full control over two other Los Angeles area homes. Stefani and Rossdale also agreed to create an expense account for the kids in lieu of child support. Both parties contributed $1 million to get it started.


E! Online says that Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale have finally dissolved their 13-year marriage, and though it is likely that neither Stefani nor Rossdale actually walked away happy, it seems both parties found it fair. The couple has agreed that Stefani is in charge of the trusts set up for their children.

“Gavin shall relinquish all of his power and authority as trustee or settlor of the Kingston Rossdale Gift Trust and the Zuma Rossdale Gift Trust and Gwen shall be the sole trustee and settlor of the Gift Trusts. There shall be no withdrawals or transfer from any of the trust except in accordance to the declaration of trust establishing each trust. Gavin is entitled to receive yearly accountings of the Gift Trusts.”

Reading between the lines, Rossdale has a right to see what is in the trusts, but not allowed to access the trusts set up for the kids.


Though Hollywood Life is suggesting that Gwen Stefani was forced to pay up, she really got off easy on terms of the law. They are reporting that Stefani had to cough up approximately $25 million, even though the marriage ended because Rossdale was having sex with the nanny. Stefani was understandably livid.


Friends of Gwen Stefani say that she is less than pleased that she had to pay Rossdale anything, but she actually got out of the relationship with a lot more than she could have.

“Gwen’s beyond furious that she has to pay him anything.The end of their marriage never would have happened if Gavin hadn’t [allegedly] cheated on her, so Gwen feels screwed over.”


In truth, Rossdale has not contributed much financially to the family coffers, but he seems to be the go-to parent when Stefani is on tour. Considering that the couple decided to divorce less than a year ago, the settlement between Stefani and Rossdale seems to have gotten resolved quickly, and with just a few tears.

Do you think that Gwen Stefani should have had to pay Gavin Rossdale anything?

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