‘The Elder Scrolls Online’ Developers Preview The ‘Dark Brotherhood’ DLC, Expect A New Skill Line And The Black Sacrament

In a matter of months, another iconic guild will soon be added to The Elder Scrolls Online. The Dark Brotherhood, the assassination guild that usually focuses on killing targets, is coming to the buy-to-play MMORPG as the next major piece of downloadable content. In Dark Brotherhood, players will be able to level through a new skill line, complete repeatable contracts, and visit the new Gold Coast area.

Although there is no firm release date for the Dark Brotherhood DLC quite yet, developer ZeniMax Online previewed the upcoming content on The Elder Scrolls Online website. In addition to a few details on the DLC, some information on the base game patch that will occur alongside the DLC’s release is also present.


With the Dark Brotherhood DLC, players will be able to join the guild as an assassin for hire. The DLC will take characters to the Gold Coast region including Anvil and Kvatch, areas which Elder Scrolls players have not seen since The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion. Players should expect repeatable contracts, the Black Sacrament, and a main story for the guild. Repeatable content in the form of contracts and the Black Sacrament are likely similar to the way players pick up Larceny quests from the Thieves Guild DLC.

Also like the Thieves Guild DLC, the upcoming Dark Brotherhood DLC features a skill line associated with the guild that provides powerful passives and perks that aid in what the guild does best. The Dark Brotherhood DLC will also add new group bosses and delves as part of the DLC as well as new motifs, costumes, and other items. All of this is part of the DLC, and a base game update will also release at the same time. The base game patch will be available for all players regardless of DLC ownership.

The Elder Scrolls Online An image from the Dark Brotherhood teaser [Image via Bethesda]The upcoming base game patch for The Elder Scrolls Online will remove Veteran Ranks from the game completely. Players at the natural level cap of 50 will continue earning Champion Points as the primary form of progression at the level cap. As discussed on Bethesda.net, very little will change for a character leveling from one to 50, but players at 50 will no longer level up Veteran Ranks. Experience will only contribute to Champion Points, and a Champion Point cap will be in place. Gradually, the Champion Point cap will raise, letting players spend even more Champion Points.

Additionally, the patch will give players the ability to make poisons, let them turn on and off nameplates for characters, and give them an option to lock items so that they are not accidentally destroyed. PlayStation 4 and Xbox One players will be happy to see that they will no longer have to use their platform ID as their name on all their characters. Instead, the patch will let console players use their character name that was given to characters at creation. Subscribers to The Elder Scrolls Online will also benefit from crafting bags after the patch, and all players will be able to benefit from Cyrodiil improvements, balance changes, and other fixes to the base game.

“In addition, we have numerous changes and improvements for previous DLC game packs including a new District capture system for Imperial City, and rebalancing for the Imperial City dungeons.”

The Elder Scrolls Online The classic hand print promoting the Dark Brotherhood [Image via Bethesda]Players enjoying The Elder Scrolls Online right now should be sure to check out the items added to the Crown Store this month. As The Inquisitr reported, several permanent costumes, pets, and mounts are being released or already have released this month. One upcoming item will only be available for a limited time starting on April 21, though. The Pale Velothi Guar will be available tomorrow, but the mount will leave the store on April 25. On April 28, the new Pride-King Lion and the Senche-Lion Cub will be included in the Crown Store as permanent additions.

[Image via Bethesda]