Waka Flocka Flame Weed Overdose: Rapper Eats Too Many Edibles, Calls For Paramedics In Seattle

Waka Flocka Flame isn’t cutting back on his weed intake. The rapper says that he still plans to stay stoned all day on 4/20, the unofficial marijuana holiday that is celebrated by cannabis fans everywhere. This comes just days after Waka was nearly hospitalized for what he thought was a weed overdose. The rapper called for paramedics when he started to worry about the amount of weed he’d consumed and even was put in an ambulance while paramedics checked Waka Flocka out to make sure he wasn’t really dying.

It turns out that Waka Flocka wasn’t really overdosing on weed, something that many believe isn’t even possible. Instead, it turns out that while visiting Seattle on Sunday night, the rapper consumed a lot of cannabis-laced edibles and he smoked a lot of weed too. According to TMZ, Waka Flocka got way higher than he is used to and thought it had become a medical emergency.

Rather than let himself just come down from his super buzz, Waka called 911 and asked for medical assistance. Paramedics arrived and even put Waka Flocka into an ambulance where they checked his vitals and determined that he would be just fine — he’d just gotten really, really high. That’s when they sent Waka back to his room to sleep it off.

Marijuana and marijuana-infused edibles are legal in Washington state and it seems that Waka Flocka was enjoying having easy access to some of the finest marijuana-infused goodies that Seattle has to offer. Apparently he enjoyed them a bit too much and probably thought his already-high tolerance would make it all okay. What Waka didn’t seem to realize is that with edibles, a little goes a really long way and it’s very important to pay attention to serving sizes.

Waka Flocka wasn’t shy about his Sunday night mishap in Seattle. On Monday, he posted a picture of himself laying on the stretcher as paramedics checked him out. He captioned the photo, “Aw man. #seattle was too much last night. #nonGMO edibles and 20 or more blunts later.” It turns out that Waka hadn’t actually overdosed because that’s very hard to do. It has been reported though that ingesting unusually high amounts of marijuana can cause the user to suffer from hallucinations and panic attacks.

Waka was in Seattle over the weekend to perform at the Dope Cup, an annual event that celebrates cannabis. The Dope Cup often features musical acts such as Waka Flocka where medical and recreational weed products are displayed and sold.

With recreational marijuana use being legal in Washington, Waka Flocka’s mistaken overdose didn’t get the rapper in any trouble at all. With edibles becoming mainstream, it’s actually becoming more common for those who eat the cannabis-laced treats to call for help after believing that they have overdosed. Many don’t understand just how strong the munchie-inducing munchies can be and often eat way more than they are supposed to in one sitting.

Even though Waka Flock is fine and is celebrating the weed smoking holiday today, he still learned that there are limits. That’s not stopping him from lighting up again just a few days later. Waka made it clear that he will be enjoying his April 20 holiday. He was already spotted at an airport in D.C. and TMZ suggested that the snack they captured on film might have been THC-laced. Did Waka bring back souvenirs from his weekend in Seattle? He knows you’re not supposed to take it with you when you go home, right?

[Photo by Theo Wargo/Getty Images]