Americans Relating Presidential Hopefuls They Disagree With To Adolf Hitler Shows How Intolerable We’ve Become [Op-Ed]

When it comes to the United States’ history of presidential elections, it is probably safe to say this current race is the most vocal. Never before have the American people been so aggressive in making their voices heard when it comes to Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton, Ted Cruz, and Donald Trump.

However, it is easily both Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump who are guiding said vocal aggression for their respective parties. Sanders appeals to liberal Americans, specifically the millennials. They feel they have been given the short end of the economic stick caused by poor corporate and government decisions made on business. On the other hand, Trump appeals to conservative Americans, specifically the baby boomers. They see the onset of more government programs and allowances as an attack on both democracy and United States sovereignty.

Needless to say, the aforementioned ideals often clash with each other. This would in turn give the liberal and conservative sides an opportunity to come together to some sort of understanding or agreement that both can accept and possibly profit from. Instead, both sides are “having their feelings hurt” under the umbrella of political correctness. They even have gone as far as to associate the favored candidates for each side, Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump, to Adolf Hitler. This fact has shown how intolerable Americans have become.

Adolf Hitler, Donald Trump
For liberals especially Bernie Sanders’ supporters, Adolf Hitler and Donald Trump are often compared by their views of immigrants. This is especially true for certain popular figures including Louis C.K. who called Trump an “insane bigot” and “dangerous,” Spike Lee who likened Trump’s proposal to shut down mosques to Hitler’s prohibition of religious freedom, Eva Longoria who says Trump’s opinions towards Mexican immigrants “create emotional poison,” and many others, as reported by Gossip Cop.

Most conservatives, especially those supporting Donald Trump, often attack Bernie Sanders by relating him to Adolf Hitler too. They often compare their government programs as a means to rationalize socialism of any kind usually leads to dictatorship. [Image via Social Media Outlets and Special Political Interest Groups]
On the other hand, conservatives which mostly include Donald Trump supporters have used the same tactic in discrediting Bernie Sanders. They usually attack Sanders’ proposed government programs to help people. Not only that, they often link Hitler and Sanders’ disdain for what the rich have done, blaming the state of the economy on them and having them “pay back their worth” through higher taxes.

Americans who “play the Hitler card” are just contributing more to the problem than providing a solution. It is completely inappropriate and inordinate to compare the situations of any presidential candidate to Adolf Hitler. There are many examples of government figures utilizing what either Bernie Sanders or Donald Trump are trying to do in a positive manner or at least with no hidden agenda in mind. Why is it we want to compare people we do not like to Adolf Hitler? It is like both parties want such to be true to legitimize hating the other.

Ultimately, it all comes down to the fact Americans are angry, wanting all or nothing when it comes to their preferences. No side supporting one particular political view is willing to wear the shoes of the other, to truly relate and understand them. As a result, nobody is willing to come together for the betterment of the nation. And to be frank, we will never come together because we are way too busy calling people we do not agree with Adolf Hitler. We are offended. We are intolerable. And we are weak and pathetic for it.

[Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images and Jeff Swensen/Getty Images, Edited by Jan Omega]