Duggar Family Pleads For Feedback, Fighting To Stay On The Air

The Duggar family is well aware their time as reality TV stars may be coming to a close, and it looks as though they’re fighting — again — to prevent the end from coming. Their social media accounts and related websites are working to keep fans and viewers interested in what will be next.

The family is dropping hints at live events that may be coming — that is to say, hints that the married Duggar daughters are pregnant — and they’re begging for feedback and for fans to contact TLC and ask for another season of the show.

The L.A. Times reports that TLC General Manager Nancy Daniels has spoken in an interview, saying the network has no further plans for the Duggar family.

Could it really be that after being on television since 2004, when the special 14 Kids and Pregnant Again aired, the Duggar kids (nearly half of whom are now adults) will have to learn to live life without a television camera? It’s possible that as many as eight of these kids don’t even remember a time when there were no cameras; at the time when there were 14 kids and the first special was being filmed, three would have been under age five.

Duggar family -- as many as 7 kids may not remember camera-free life. [Image via TLC]It seems as though that’s a possibility the Duggar family doesn’t want to face. They’re working hard to hint at life events that might keep the fan base interested, and in the Duggar world, “life events” means pregnancies, courtships, and weddings.

For instance, Duggar-in-law Derick Dillard recently posted a photo on Instagram showing his young son and adding a caption that hinted at babies to come.

Duggar family gaining two more babies? [Image via Instagram]The word “yet” and the question mark after the word “twins” (as though to suggest that he might be referring to a pregnancy, not the baby in the mirror) were enough to send fans into a frenzy. Michelle Duggar had twins twice, so there is definitely some potential for twins in the grown-up Duggar kids’ offspring, and fans were hopeful that Derick meant exactly that.

Jessa Seewald, the other married daughter in the Duggar family, has also hinted at possibly being pregnant.

Duggar family: courtships are televised events. [Image via TLC]Again, pregnancy isn’t the only major Duggar life event the shows have centered around. Courtship is big too. Before 19 Kids and Counting was yanked off the air, Josiah’s courtship (since broken off) was being advertised for the upcoming season. Now a possible courtship for Joy-Anna Duggar is being dangled as bait.

If the hints at upcoming life events aren’t enough, this marks the second week in a row that Michelle Duggar has pleaded on her blog for feedback.

Further, last week, the Duggar Family Blog, which isn’t run by the Duggars, but by a mother-daughter team who are friendly with the Duggar family, asked viewers to contact TLC with positive feedback. They suggested this might counter the negative feedback from those who think the family’s anti-gay and anti-trans views and activism, Josh Duggar’s history and several of the girls’ victimization should all add up to an end to this family’s fame.

“As those who dislike the Duggars work tirelessly to convince the network to cancel the show, it is important for fans to make their voices heard.”

As for the possibility of the Duggar family’s newest reality show being canceled, it is certainly a possibility. Blasting News reports that ratings are dropping and sponsors continue to opt-out, asking for their commercials not to be aired during the show and not to be associated with any future Duggar content.

Is it the end for Counting On? The Duggar family seems to be in full emergency SOS (save our show!) mode, but TLC isn’t talking.

[Image via TLC]