‘The Division’ Plagued By Game-Breaking Exploits: Unlimited Damage, Credits

Ubisoft’s The Division has seen yet another game-breaking exploit this week, as players have figured out a way to achieve unlimited damage potential – enough to kill the game’s toughest boss in two shots. According to outlets like Kotaku and VG247, the Division exploit is relatively easy to achieve.

The Division unlimited damage exploit involves using in-game rules – weapons with particular talents – to build up a damage bonus that allows players to inflict impossibly high levels of damage to enemies in the game. According to VG24/7, the exploit requires players to possess a gun with the Competent talent, which boosts weapon damage after triggering any other player ability. The Division exploit takes advantage of a bug that allows the damage bonus from the Competent talent to stack time and time again.

In order to take advantage of the Division exploit, players need to acquire a gun with the Competent talent and equip and un-equip the weapon dozens of times. According to Kotaku, it takes about five minutes of constantly equipping and un-equipping to achieve noticeable results, after which time all the player has to do is trigger any ability to receive a tremendous temporary damage boost, somewhere north of one million DPS if you really work at it.


It’s a fun exploit that allows players to do truly ridiculous amounts of damage to every-day enemies and even take down tough boss-level enemies solo, a task that could otherwise be impossible depending on a player’s gear. But the Division bug has a lot of players worried, reports Kotaku. The game-breaking unlimited damage exploit allows players to store up the huge damage boost and use it anywhere, including in PvP, which presents a real problem for Ubisoft. Players using the exploit would have a huge unfair advantage in player-versus-player interactions.

The Division unlimited damage exploit isn’t likely to last very long. Just last weekend, Ubisoft squashed another series of game-breaking exploits and bugs. For now, it’s scaring a lot of Division die-hards, keeping dedicated players out of the Dark Zone while handing an unfair advantage to players using the exploit, who can use it to farm high-end gear and materials from high-level bosses.

“I understand you’re all frustrated with it, but do understand that we are actively dealing with cheaters, we are banning them, permanently as well, but so far it’s been a decision not to communicate on numbers and the likes, this has gone largely unnoticed and makes it seem like we’re not doing anything,” said Ubisoft community manager Natchai Stappers.


VG24/7 reports another game-breaking exploit has been discovered today, which provides players with unlimited money to go along with their unlimited damage.

After controversial changes to the core gameplay of The Division, which radically redefined the in-game crafting economy, it’s no surprise that Ubisoft is trying to get out in front of this latest exploit by reassuring Division players that cheaters will be punished and banned from the game. Another exploit highlighted by Kotaku involves an external program used by some PC players. The program alters The Division’s drop rates and provides players with a steady stream of rare materials with which to craft high-end weapons and items.

It’s not uncommon for games like The Division to experience a series of game-breaking bugs and exploits after launch, given the number of players in the game, it’s not surprising that some have discovered ways to exploit bugs to their advantage. But, as Kotaku reports, these bugs and exploits are really wearing down the morale of some Division players, and Ubisoft may begin to see sales of their wildly popular third-person-shooter decline if the company remains behind the curve of such game-breaking exploits.

[Image via Ubisoft]