WWE Rumors: Cesaro Is Finally Getting The Big Push He Deserves, And Big Things Are Coming

For years, fans have grown more and more attached to Cesaro, and his crowd reactions are getting louder with every passing event. Now, it finally seems as if he will be getting the recognition he deserves from the higher-ups in WWE. Rumor has it that Cesaro is going to be getting a big push, and it’s going to lead to much bigger things.

Right now, Cesaro has a match scheduled for Payback, where he will face off with The Miz for the Intercontinental Title. Considering Cesaro has only been back on the active roster for less than a month, that’s a pretty good first feud back from injury. Before that, he hadn’t wrestled since last year due to surgery.

wwe rumors cesaro push payback title the miz
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While it’s a great first feud back from injury, there is much more reportedly coming for the Swiss superstar.

According to Cageside Seats, his success on WWE television as of late isn’t a fluke or just because he’s been out for so long. It appears as if WWE realizes the true potential in Cesaro and that he is in line for “bigger and better things.”

It’s not entirely certain what that may mean just yet, but it could end up leading to a possible WWE World Heavyweight Title feud for Cesaro. There are any number of feud combinations that would make fans happy and bring about their excitement.

If WWE was to pit him against Roman Reigns, Cesaro would go from being a fan-favorite to being the ultimate babyface instantly. If AJ Styles ends up winning the WWE Title at Payback, fans would be thrilled to see him take on Cesaro, as it would be two very popular superstars facing off with one another.

wwe rumors cesaro push payback title the miz section
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Bleacher Report is stating that WWE is finally realizing just what they have in Cesaro and that his incredible talent should be capitalized on. He has the strength of 10 men. His in-ring skills are second to none. He’s one of the most popular superstars in all of the WWE, and it’s almost impossible to get the fans to dislike him.

Since joining WWE, Cesaro has won the United States Championship once and the WWE Tag Team Championship one time. He won the inaugural Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal at WrestleMania XXX and has one Slammy Award victory. There is obvious potential there.

After returning from injury earlier in April, he’s gotten some big victories and been placed in key matches. Now, he’s heading to Payback face off with The Miz, and it is highly expected that he’ll end up winning his first-ever Intercontinental Title.

The “Cesaro Section” is growing at every single event, and it has become a huge trend among the fans. WWE is even taking more notice of it, and that was truly evident at an event in Nottingham, England, this past week when Cesaro took on Rusev.

Rusev took a “Cesaro Section” sign from a fan and made fun of it. Cesaro not only took the sign away from the League of Nations Member, but he rolled out of the ring and made sure to return it back to the fan it was taken from.

That video was posted directly to WWE’s YouTube channel and gives a lot of attention to Cesaro for something that happened at a non-televised house show.

The fans absolutely love Cesaro, and he has all the skills need to be a huge star in the world of professional wrestling. It certainly does look like WWE is going ahead with his big push, but everyone still wonders how far it will actually go. He’s good on the mic, strong as a horse, and has great in-ring ability, and that’s exactly what would make for a great WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

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