'The Young And The Restless' Casting News: Justin Hartley's Real-Life Love Chrishell Stause Joins The Show, What's The Scoop On Her Character?

There is a new character headed to The Young and the Restless soon, and viewers will be quite curious to see what she plans to do during her time in Genoa City. Chrishell Stause will be popping up in the new role of Bethany Bryant, and this casting decision has soap fans buzzing.

TVLine details that Chrishell Stause will begin airing as Bethany Bryant on Wednesday, May 25. Many will recognize Stause from her days as Amanda Dillon on All My Children or as Jordan Ridgeway on Days of Our Lives. Chrishell has done a handful of primetime gigs as well, and as many Young and Restless fans know, in her real life, she has been dating fellow Y&R star Justin Hartley for quite some time now.

At this point, the character of Bryant is said to be a recurring one, so Young and Restless fans will have to wait and see how sizable a role this ends up becoming. It is not known yet who Stause's character will be interacting with in Genoa City, but many viewers would bet that she will she become a threat to Adam and Chelsea's marriage.

Bethany is said to be "a young woman who relishes the chance to push things to the limit and live dangerously as long as she's not the one who gets burned." Stause's new character apparently is quite the wild child, and Bethany will find herself wrapped up in one key family's drama. That certainly sounds like someone who will be mixed up with the Newman family as their internal conflicts play out, but there is always the Abbott family to consider as they are dealing with their fair share of drama these days as well.

Stause is not only dating Hartley in real life, but she is best friends with Melissa Claire Egan, the actress who plays Chelsea, as well. Given that, many Young and Restless fans bet that Bethany will be setting her sights on shaking up Chelsea and Adam's relationship. As Soap Opera Network detailed when Hartley landed the gig, Chrishell and Missy have been friends for quite some time, seemingly since their All My Children days, and they have done plenty of couples outings with Justin and Egan's husband, Matt Katrosar. Viewers are betting that some fun scenes are on the way, given these real-life relationships.

It did not take long for both Justin and Missy to share their excitement over this Young and Restless casting news via social media. So far, Hartley's fans seem to be thrilled to hear the news that Stause will be joining Y&R. When Egan shared the news via Twitter, Chrishell replied that she and Missy had been reunited, and it felt so good. Fans of both Justin and Missy are already antsy to see how Chrishell's character shakes things up for Adam and Chelsea, although it is a bit too soon to know for certain that this is the direction the show is headed with this new character.

Additional Young and Restless spoilers regarding Chrishell's new character should be emerging as her first air date of May 25 approaches. At the moment, Victor remains behind bars, and Adam was just fired from his new job. Adam thinks Victor was behind his job loss, and things got heated during a confrontation between the two men.

Victor seems to have a plan to end up on top again, and many guess that this scheme will end up involving Adam in some way. However, Chelsea is said to have a plan coming up as well, and Adam may find himself torn once again between his wife and his father. The Newman drama surely continues to escalate over the coming weeks, and viewers will be curious to see if Bethany figures into all of the chaos for the family in some way.

How do you think the show will utilize Chrishell Stause in her new role as Bethany Bryant on The Young and the Restless? Will she be a significant threat to Adam and Chelsea's relationship, or will her presence in Genoa City be shaking things up for someone else on the canvas?

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