Even James Corden Is Surprised At The Success Of His ‘Late Show’ And ‘Carpool Karaoke’

James Corden never thought he would make it big when he became the host of The Late Late Show last March. In fact, the last person who was convinced that his stint as a talk show host would be a success was James Corden himself. According to Stuff, the Englishman did not even buy his own house or furniture, as he was convinced that he would be brought off the air and eventually would have to return home.

James Corden’s foray into the U.S. talk show genre came when the industry was undergoing a huge generational shift. At the time, he seemed an unusual choice, as he was a British writer, actor, and comedian well known for his critically acclaimed performances in stage plays that also played on Broadway.

However, James Corden turned his diverse experiences in the field of cinema and theater to his unique advantage, and it is this diversity that instilled in him the confidence to hit the ground running. His performances in eight shows a week on Broadway gave him the stamina to log 10,000 hours performing on his show without letting tiredness get on top of him. And James Corden’s success on the show is attributed to the fact that he is uniquely multi-talented and extremely funny. The charming young Brit can sing, dance, tell a joke, and get his guests to open up on a variety of topics, all of which works beautifully to keep his audience hooked.

Even though James Corden’s acting and entertainment skills have made the show a success, it is the show’s hit “Carpool Karaoke” segment that has left the audience wanting more. During this popular segment, James Corden drives with a celebrity who sings along with the music that the car radio is playing. James Corden uses the downtime between songs to ask crazy questions of his guests or to play hilarious jokes and pranks on them.

According to Hollywood Life, the news that has many fans excited is that Selena Gomez, the 23-year-old singing sensation, will be the latest guest to sing along with James Corden in the popular “Carpool Karaoke” segment.

It may seem that the show has gained popularity simply because audiences like to hear their favorite celebrities performing and eagerly wait to listen to the fascinating stories that the celebrities share with James Corden. However, it is James Corden’s meticulous planning and dedicated approach that is the true secret to the show’s success. James Corden prepares for every minute of the show, and his preparations continue until the second the show starts. James Corden has derived his influences predominately from British interviewers such as Michael Parkinson, Jonathan Ross, Terry Wogan, and Graham Norton.

Corden also enjoys a good rapport with his peers in showbiz and fashion, which extends well beyond the limits of the studio. Recently, the Daily Mail reported that Harry Styles, James Corden, and Cindy Crawford planned and attended an evening dinner together in Malibu on a Saturday night.

The accolades that he receives and the success of his show’s viral videos have been thrilling and surprising for James Corden, but he still feels that the best is yet to come. Corden is also reportedly not concerned about his shelf life as a talk show host, as he simply wants to enjoy the moment while it lasts and have fun hosting his show and other events. The Hollywood Reporter explained that James Corden will be hosting the 2016 Tony Awards ceremony, and he has received a thumbs-up from Hugh Jackman, the ceremony’s former host.

James Corden believes that more than the show’s online publicity, it is the intimate connection between the host and the audience that actually matters. According to Stuff, Corden described this intimate relationship in a single sentence.

“It’s the last hour of people’s day and they spend it with one person.”

[Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for The GREAT Britain Campaign]