WWE Rumors: WWE Already Having Second Thoughts About Calling Up The Vaudevillains

Two weeks ago, The Vaudevillains made their WWE main roster debut by defeating the Lucha Dragons in a match on SmackDown. Since then, they have won two matches in the tag team tournament to determine the number one contenders for the WWE Tag Team Titles. Now, they have a big match against Enzo Amore and Big Cass at Payback, but it appears as if some are already having second thoughts about the old-school team.

According to Cageside Seats, some are already souring on The Vaudevillains and don’t think they are ready to be on WWE’s main roster. Yes, they were in NXT for a long time, but that isn’t being seen as enough of a reason for them to be called up.

So far, The Vaudevillains have defeated the teams of The Golden Truth and The Usos in order to advance to the finals. Combine that with a victory over the Lucha Dragons in their debut match on SmackDown, and they have a very impressive 3-0 record.

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The tag team tournament finals match has been confirmed, and the nostalgic duo will face the team of Enzo Amore and Big Cass at Payback. Oddly enough, two NXT call-ups are in the finals of a tournament that was filled with other veteran tag teams.

They were a very popular team in NXT, and the fans loved their act. However, the fans for the WWE main roster are a bit of a different breed. With that being said, the reactions they’re getting from the crowds haven’t been spectacular, and it has caused a greater power to notice.

Daily Wrestling News is reporting that it’s actually Vince McMahon who is having second thoughts on The Vaudevillains being called up. Since that thought is in the head of McMahon, it’s also causing others to agree and think the exact same way.

Now, a huge decision is going to have to be made by the time Payback rolls around on May 1.

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The overall mindset is that Enzo Amore and Big Cass are extremely over with the fans, but is WWE ready to have them move into a feud with the tag team champions already? They would easily make for an entertaining feud with The New Day, as they’re talented in their skills and on the mic.

Since Vince McMahon and other high-ranking WWE officials are very fond of Amore and Big Cass, they may want to save that feud for closer to a big pay-per-view. It could possibly be held off until SummerSlam.

wwe rumors the vaudevillains nxt call-up vince mcmahon second thoughts dudley boyz amore cass
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This may lead to the Dudley Boyz interfering in the match at Payback and causing Amore and Cass to lose the match. That would set up one feud and allow The Vaudevillains to move into a feud with The New Day over the WWE Tag Team Titles.

Once that title feud begins, The Vaudevillains could end up proving themselves to Vince McMahon and everyone else by really making it all count. If they don’t end up impressing and the second thoughts are still lingering, then all that needs to be done is for The New Day to retain the titles and defeat English and Gotch.

Some may find it hard to believe that anyone is having second thoughts about The Vaudevillains, since they are in the finals of the WWE tag team tournament. Maybe it is Vince McMahon’s way of trying to get them more over with the fans, but that remains to be seen. If they don’t end up becoming the number one contenders for the titles held by The New Day, then Aiden English and Simon Gotch may be headed back down to NXT.

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