Facebook To Start Paying Its Users?

Facebook might just start paying you and your friends for your posts, following the discovery of a new survey found on its site.

There has long been the discussion that Facebook has been making money off the backs of all of its users, just by letting them use their forums for cyber-world interactions. But that hasn’t come without its own share of benefits, given that all users of Facebook can use the site for free, with some restrictions of course.

Although Facebook is the largest social media network in the world and has made its founder, Mark Zuckerberg, one of the richest people on the planet, it has done so with a unique business model that was only in its infancy when the social media network went online.

Now, the time has come for Facebook to start giving its users a more refined experience that could also include monetary gains. Thanks to a great find by The Verge, the possible new service would make it so users would be able to make some money off their posts.

Now this doesn’t mean that Facebook itself is going to pay you for making these posts, so don’t go quitting your day job. But they will pay for certain things, if the new survey puts it to use.

Here is what the survey basically wants to know. The essential reason for Facebook to send this out is so they could find a way to make their user experience better by offering up ways for their users to make money. As most people already know, Facebook has made “for sale” options available in groups. Kind of like having a cyber yard sale in a group that you manage or engage in.

Now, the new Facebook survey wants to know if you would like to take a cut of their advertising revenue, add a tip jar to your account, or help to support a good cause, which would include raising money for awareness or other limited events.

There are several ways that Facebook can do this, but they wanted their consumers to weigh in on the most obvious avenues. By doing this, customers could essentially add a “call to action” button on their wall, which would give their own followers a way to add money to a tip jar or to help support a cause.

This does not mean that the actual button on a Facebook user’s wall will say, “call to action.” It will say whatever they want it to say. But the survey asks people about this. What do they want to have on their wall that will help them monetize their page and allow their users to join in on the monetary investments that are happening in their lives?

There are many different ways that Facebook makes money off their site. First and foremost, they have advertisers that want their content marketed to a specific target audience. This is their golden standard that has put their business model ahead of the former radio, TV, and print models. They have been able to segment their audiences and give advertisers the most effective reach ever in the history of mass media.

But Facebook also makes money by “boosting posts,” adding video suggestions after a user watches a certain video with specific criteria, and there is also the “Instant Articles” section which is still in its beta phase.

Another way that Facebook is allowing users to make money off their posts is by reaching a branding agreement with another company and paying its users to post about that brand.

There are many different ways that this can be used, but the simple fact is that Facebook is really growing beyond its enormous heights and looking for ways to make it pay off for their users.

[Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images]