‘Big Bang Theory’ Gets Political With Comments On When Life Begins

The Big Bang Theory, one of the most popular comedy shows in recent history, known for making nerd humor accessible to the common viewer, had a very adorable and tender moment in a recent episode. The episode that aired on April 7 featured three main characters — Howard, Raj, and Bernadette — listening in on the heartbeat of Howard and Bernadette‘s unborn child. According to Life News, this episode was the Big Bang Theory‘s way of celebrating the humanity of unborn children.

The episode showed the expecting couple, Howard and Bernadette, sitting on a couch together with Raj, and they were listening in on Bernadette’s baby bump. The three just sat in awe listening to the sounds of the new life that is yet to see the world, and they remarked on how amazing it is to create a person.

This moment was a big step for Bernadette as a character and the Big Bang Theory as a show, because Bernadette previously maintained that she did not wish to have children as she intended to focus on her career.

Given the character’s initial choice, the writers for the show could have gone down the route of having Bernadette feel conflicted about whether she wanted to have the child. But something changed in Bernadette, and she is now shown as an expecting mother who is joyously awaiting the birth of her child. One of the most noteworthy elements of this episode of the Big Bang Theory is that the writers and characters acknowledged that the unborn child is a valuable human being, almost taking on a political stance on the intricate and emotional topic of abortion.

Simon Helberg, who plays Howard on the Big Bang Theory, put up quite a lovely display at the Florence Foster Jenkins premiere with his wife Jocelyn Towne, according to Daily Mail.

The Big Bang Theory star and his wife were in the red carpet event for the premiere of the film starring Hugh Grant and Meryl Streep. The couple looked very much in love that evening, gazing into each other’s eyes while they mingled around at the event at Leicester Square.

The Big Bang Theory’s Simon Helberg puts on loved-up display with wife Jocelyn Towne at Florence Foster Jenkins… https://t.co/vcmHShVE7w

— Watch Big Bang (@WatchBigBang) April 12, 2016

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Otherwise, read on!

According to Design & Trend, Simon Helberg’s character of Howard gets rushed to the hospital in the 21st episode of this season of the Big Bang Theory.

The Big Bang Theory episode is already expected to be a little bit different from the previous episodes, as the episode will not only have Howard sent to the hospital, but it will miraculously have Sheldon doing his best to avoid starting arguments with the rest of the cast.

In the episode entitled “The Viewing Party Combustion,” the main cast will be attending a viewing party for Game of Thrones. During the viewing party, Leonard will bring a snack for the group, but it just so happened that the snack Leonard brought included peanuts, a treat that Howard is severely allergic to. Leonard does not get to tell Howard about the peanuts before he eats some, causing Howard to need to be rushed to the hospital in the middle of the Big Bang Theory episode.

Apart from the disaster with Howard, at least this episode proves that Sheldon can manage to get through an episode without stirring up an argument with people around him. The episode sees the rest of the cast sharing their thoughts on Game of Thrones with arguments and differences of opinion inevitably ensuing, but the biggest surprise is that Sheldon does not play a part in it as he and Penny agree to sit this one out in an attempt to stay out of trouble.

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