Harry Hamlin On Yolanda Hadid’s Lyme Disease: ‘We Need To Support Her’

Harry Hamlin has been married to Lisa Rinna for quite some time, and it sounds like he’s used to the random things she will say. When Lisa considered going on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Harry supposedly threatened her with divorce. Hamlin, who is a well-respected actor in Hollywood, had no interest in sharing his life on a reality show. But after some consideration, he let his wife, Rinna, star on the show, and she’s been stirring up some trouble ever since. So, how does Harry feel about his wife’s drama with Lisa Vanderpump?

According to a new Bravo report, Harry Hamlin is now revealing that he actually finds the drama funny. He doesn’t take the drama between Rinna and Vanderpump too seriously, and it sounds like he actually thinks it’s funny that his wife is speaking out as much as she is. Even though Vanderpump and Hamlin respected one another when they met, it sounds like things may have changed on Vanderpump’s side. But for Harry, it’s just fun.

“She’s so funny,” Harry Hamlin has revealed about Lisa Vanderpump, adding, “At the end of the day, this is a TV show. The only difference between this and a nighttime soap is the blood isn’t fake!”

Hamlin didn’t offer up any thoughts on whether he would pursue a friendship with Vanderpump after The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills comes to an end. But Harry did want to clarify one thing: his thoughts on Yolanda Hadid. During the first couple of episodes, the group had dinner to celebrate Lisa’s birthday, and Yolanda showed up looking rather weak. Ken Todd, Vanderpump’s husband, said that he didn’t think she was looking good, and Harry’s comments may have been twisted thanks to his very own wife.

“Well, what I actually said was, ‘We really need to support her.’ I never said ‘whether she’s sick or not,'” Harry explains of his words, adding, “That was I think in the second time Lisa mentioned it, she said it that way. And I said to Lisa, ‘You know I don’t think I said it that way.’ And she goes, ‘Oh right, well…'”

Clearly, Rinna does have a habit of twisting words a bit to make them sound a bit more dramatic, and Harry Hamlin has no problem calling her out on it. But he thinks that the ladies should support Hadid no matter what. He thinks that their friendships should be stronger than rumors or Munchausen’s allegations.

“Obviously Yolanda needs support. Whatever she’s going through, it’s taking a toll on her and it’s very challenging for her,” Harry Hamlin explains, adding, “You know, the thing about the show itself, when you’re watching this show, there are moments when you can kind of breathe a little bit, but not with the reunion. The reunion is like a freight train that just keeps slamming right through, going through barricade after barricade. So, it’s just an onslaught.”

During the reunion special, Andy Cohen did try to get Yolanda to talk about her Lyme disease and her failed marriage, but she tried to keep it private. It is clear that she didn’t want to talk about her failed marriage, and Harry Hamlin believes that the ladies should just stand behind their co-star, as she’s clearly ill with something.

Hamlin himself isn’t really on the show, as he has no desire to share his life with the Real Housewives of Beverly Hillsviewers. Not only has he worked as an actor in Hollywood, but he has also worked in the fashion industry, as he and Lisa had a store in Beverly Hills.

What do you think of Harry Hamlin’s surprising viewpoints?

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