Khloe Kardashian’s Instagram Photo Renews Butt Implant, Brazilian Butt Lift And Injection Questions

Khloe Kardashian uploaded the following photo to her Instagram account recently that has been the source of plenty of questions. In the photo, Khloe is laying on her back, with her Calvin Klein gear exposed, along with Kardashian’s flat abs. However, the way Khloe’s right buttock sticks out to the side has caused some to wonder all over again whether or not Khloe has gotten some sort of butt implants or Brazilian butt lift injections. As reported by the Inquisitr, Khloe’s butt has brought questions of silicone shots or implants before, ones that Kardashian has denied.

Whereas Khloe also initially denied getting any sort of fillers in her face when her sisters Kim and Kourtney questioned Kardashian’s weird smiling photos, Khloe eventually admitted to getting fillers that she eventually had dissolved, as report by the Mirror.

Whether Khloe will ever admit to undergoing any type of butt enhancements remains to be seen.

As reported by TMZ, Khloe’s photo showed her right butt cheek as it jutted out in an odd way, and caused consternation in their newsroom, as well. While some thought the photo of Kardashian’s butt represented a true and normal depiction of how a butt can behave, other TMZ reporters felt Khloe’s photo was an anomaly.

“Butts don’t do that.”

“Your butt doesn’t do that.”


Khloe’s butt photo is reminiscent of the photo of Nicki Minaj that floated around the internet, which showed Minaj at an award’s ceremony performance wearing very short booty shorts. When Nicki sat down on a chair, it appeared to show the outline of a very visible butt implant. The photo may have been a fake photo.

Kim Kardashian famously went on TV to prove she didn’t have any butt implants by getting her butt X-rayed. However, by having an X-ray exam, it wouldn’t necessarily prove if the Kardashian Family didn’t undergo fat transfer surgeries to enhance their buttocks, as reported by the Daily Mail. Another method that women in 2016 are using to obtain the much-coveted ample behind look involves getting injections of fillers in their backsides.

On Instagram, the BBL – or Brazilian butt lift label – has plenty of photos with people showing their before-and-after (or during) results of the procedure. More than 125,000 posts are tagged with the #bbl hashtag on Instagram, with Kim featured in some of them. The hashtag #brazilianbuttlift has nearly 25,000 posts as of this writing.

Some of the Instagram photos, such as those posted on the account named simonourianmd1, explain the BBL process thoroughly.

“BBL II. No scalpel butt lift. No general anesthesia. No implants. No scalpel. The new advanced techniques for ‘Brazilian Butt Lift’. Using ones [sic] own fat or permanent fillers. Learn about all your options.

“No-scalpel ‘Brazilian Butt Lift’ video is next.

“Extremely important Warning : Silicone injection and other forms of injections except fat transfer and FDA approved dermal fillers are not legal and are extremely dangerous. If someone is offering you silicone injection for your butt lift do not do it even if they pay you. Many cases of silicone or other types of injection in the buttocks that cause severe deformity and in many cases even death. Check out the prices below: it is impossible to offer FDA approved products for much cheaper than this. Please be very very careful. No cutting, No anesthesia, No implants. Natural results. Using a person’s own liposuctioned fat or injection of permanent or semi-permanent dermal fillers.”

And then there was the set of twins who claimed that their large behinds were the result of performing 2,000 squats per day, as reported by the New York Post. Their claims were also met with skepticism, with one person commenting jokingly that “2,000 squats per day” must be the name of their cosmetic surgeon.

[Photo by AP Photo/Bruce Barton]