Mariah Carey Throws Party Where All Guests Dressed Like Her, Parties In Luxurious Villa Near Clooney’s Villa

Only Mariah Carey would throw a party that has a “Mariah Carey” theme. The songstress has been known for her diva ways, but this takes the self-indulgent behavior one step further by making everything about her — by making literally everyone her.

It was during a break from Carey’s European “Sweet Sweet Fantasy Tour” that guests attended the 46-year-old’s lavish bash that made her the entire focus. An insider spoke with Page Six about the soiree that was also being filmed for Carey’s upcoming docu-series.

“Even the men dressed like Mariah. But Mariah went as her alter-ego, Bianca, and sported a jet-black wig.”

Bianca is a character that fans might remember from Mariah’s video for “Heartbreaker.” She was out for all to see at the party, where Carey donned her black wig and all-black ensemble to finish off the effect.

Of course, the venue of the get-together that was filled with multiple Mariah’s was extravagant and luxurious. The superstar was provided with a gorgeous villa only 10 minutes from the villa that the Clooneys own in Italy on Lake Como.

Page Six shares details about the gorgeous home Carey was given access to via Airbnb.

“The property – which normally rents for $12,250 a night, but was provided to the singer compliments of Airbnb – sits on the picturesque lake and boasts 8 bedrooms, 11 working fountains, a bell tower, a private dock, pool terrace, indoor gym, home theater and billiards room.”

Although George and Amal’s digs were only a short distance away, the couple did not appear in their Mariah-wear. As the publication notes, however, Carey has been using the beautiful villa as her home-base for the past little while during this leg of her tour.

“[T]he fabulous 18th century Villa Napoleon Carey has been using as home base for the past three weeks during the European leg of her ‘Sweet Sweet Fantasy Tour.'”

As for the docu-series, a party with a multitude of Mariahs is sure to make great reality television. The singer’s reality show that is set to follow her and her crew behind the scenes of her tour and her Vegas residency was apparently met with criticism from some of Carey’s team members. Earlier this year, the announcement of the series was made, and Page Six relayed the words of an insider on the subject.

“Someone of Mariah’s stature should not be doing this. Whitney Houston did a reality show and that was the real end of it. We hope that it doesn’t end up being like when Whitney did ‘Being Bobby Brown.”

The insider also relayed how it was really Mariah’s manager who is behind the push to make the reality show happen, and this manager, Stella Bulochnikov, has been compared more to a dictator than anything else.

The source spoke as to how Carey was swayed under the urging of Stella.

“Mariah’s amazing and treats people with the utmost respect and kindness and Stella is the total opposite. She comes from producing reality TV and calls herself the Russian dictator. I guess Mariah is just in love and not paying attention to what’s happening around her.”

Perhaps Mariah is blinded by not only love but that enormous rock her soon-to-be-husband proposed with. It’s clear the two are smitten with one another, and Mariah has shared her excitement about their upcoming nuptials.

The songstress is, however, keeping details secretive so not to attract media attention on the big day.

Just Jared shared some apparent details about the wedding that were revealed last month.

“James and Mariah only plan to invite a small group, who will be flown in by private jet. Sources say the wedding date is around mid-June, though could change since invites have not been sent out yet.”

[Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images]