Piers Morgan Calls David And Victoria Beckham ‘Shameless’ For Posting Videos Of Their Son Singing

Piers Morgan has a bone to pick with the Beckhams. The outspoken British TV journalist says celeb couple David and Victoria Beckham shouldn’t be posting videos of their son’s singing talents online for the entire world to critique.

According to Us Weekly, Morgan made his comments on Good Morning Britain, saying the soccer legend and his Spice Girls wife should let their kids decide if they want to be famous. Piers Morgan’s comments came after David Beckham posted a video of his 11-year-old son Cruz flipping cups and singing “Cups” (“When I’m Gone”) from the movie Pitch Perfect.

While proud papa David posted the vid to Instagram with the caption “Look at my little man go” and noted how cute the video was, Piers told Good Morning Britain he didn’t think it was cute at all.

“I’m like, can’t they just be kids really? And then when they leave school, make their own decisions? If they want to go into this kind of thing, then great. This, to me, it’s shameless.”

Piers Morgan’s slam against the power couple comes one week after Victoria Beckham posted a clip of Cruz singing the 2004 Twista song “Hope,” when online fans compared Cruz’s voice to a young Justin Bieber and the video went viral.

“You get these celebrity parents and they bang on about protecting their kids and privacy and so on and there they are Instagramming this 11-year-old to gazillions of people trying to make him a star, like Brooklyn [Beckham] is now a photographer.” Morgan continued.

Piers Morgan has long been vocal about other people’s parenting styles, but, let’s face it, the Beckham kids have never shied away from the spotlight. In fact, all four of Becks’ kids regularly turn up on his social media feeds.

Last year, the couple’s oldest son Brooklyn appeared on the cover of Miss Vogue and the aspiring photographer recently shot a Burberry Brit fragrance campaign.

The Beckhams haven’t responded to Piers Morgan’s diss yet, but don’t be surprised if they do. The soccer pro has taken on his critics in the past, including a tabloid that criticized the fact that his 4-year-old daughter Harper was still using a pacifier.


“Why do people feel they have the right to criticize a parent about their own children without having any facts?” he wrote. “Everybody who has children knows that when they aren’t feeling well or have a fever you do what comforts them best and most of the time it’s a pacifier so those who criticize think twice about what you say about other people’s children because actually you have no right to criticize me as a parent.”

Of course, this is not the first time Piers Morgan has given his two cents about other people’s parenting. Last year, the dad of four penned a lengthy defense of gay parenting rights to the Daily Mail, saying he agreed with Elton John on many points but took issue with the singer’s boycott of Dolce and Gabbana following the fashion house’s controversial statements about gay adoption.

Morgan is also known for his long list of celebrity feuds with everyone from Kim Kardashian to Madonna. In fact, Piers Morgan even had a list of celebrities who were banned from his CNN talk show. In addition to Madonna, whom he once described as “an irritant in my life for the past 20 years,” Morgan banned Howie Mandel, Paul McCartney’s ex-wife Heather Mills, and Cherie Blair, the wife of former British Prime Minister Tony Blair.

Take a look at the video below to see Piers Morgan’s slam against the Beckhams.

[Photo by Jeff Spicer/Getty Images]