Samsung Galaxy S7 Goes Pink Gold While Offering Features Not Available In The Apple iPhone

As Samsung releases its latest phone, the Samsung Galaxy S7, they announced a new color option for the phone. It’s called pink gold. It joins the ranks of black onyx, gold platinum, silver titanium, and white pearl. In addition to adding a new color to its latest phone, the S7 also offers new features not available in the Apple iPhone that Android users will appreciate.

CNET reported that Samsung is following in the footsteps of Apple, who first released the rose gold color variant in late 2015 when the color was offered for the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus. Samsung said that the new color scheme for the Galaxy S7 was meant to be soothing.

“…intended to soothe and incorporate a touch of gentleness, radiance and sophistication.”

Samsung may also be using the color choice to take a stab at the Asian smartphone market, which is currently saturated. The new color caused a pre-order buying frenzy in China when it was released by Apple. The new color previously made its debut in Samsung’s home country of Korea.

As previously reported in the Inquisitr, Samsung released 55 million units worldwide of its Samsung Galaxy S6 when it debuted. Samsung is using new materials to create its phones, and the new releases have increased the demand for their product. Newer releases are including a rounded screen, larger batteries that last longer, and a larger display. The newer models of the Samsung Galaxy are being carried by all major carriers including AT&T as well as prepaid carriers like Metro PCS.

BGR reported that the new Samsung Galaxy S7 has five new features that the iPhone doesn’t have. Although iPhone offers 25 hidden features most users know nothing about, there are features that make the Galaxy S7 outshine the iPhone that include a better camera and a class leading display. These features are hardware, though, but the Galaxy S7 also offers software additions the iPhone doesn’t have.

The first feature, and this is a big one, is the ability to rearrange or replace icons in the settings pane. Although iPhone has a feature where smartphone users can swipe up to access the settings, they can’t be customized. On the Samsung Galaxy S7, users can swipe down twice to access their settings menu. Then all they have to do is tap the edit menu to rearrange the icons.

Other features include two power-saving modes, where users can switch between a standard mode and an ultra power saving mode. The ultra power saving mode allows users to cut non-essential functions in order to save precious battery time. The Galaxy S7 also features a one-handed operation that can be accessed from the Settings. Users then need to access Advanced Features. Once this feature is enabled, it shrinks the home button settings to the bottom left or right corner of the screen, allowing for easy access with one hand.

Screen recording and reminder notifications round out the list of hidden features on the Samsung Galaxy S7. The screen recording feature allows S7 users the ability to record their screens to share with others. This is especially helpful for those who have friends or family who may need help in using their phones. This feature can be accessed under the Advanced Tools and then going to Games and Games Tools. Notifications can be accessed under Accessibility.

[David Ramos/Getty Images]