Elizabeth Warren Scolds Ted Cruz For ‘Whining’ About His ‘Sacrifices’ While Running For President

Senator Elizabeth Warren, a Democrat from Massachusetts, has called out Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz for whining about the sacrifices he has made for his campaigns in his bid for the White House.

Senator Ted Cruz recently said in a campaign email that he has sacrificed so much for his candidacy, such as enduring personal attacks, having less family time, and suffering sleep deprivation. The presidential candidate, who ranks second behind Donald Trump, added that he is proud of making the sacrifices on behalf of the American people.

Regarding the personal attacks, he noted that New York business mogul Donald Trump and Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton know the best way to defeat him. He claimed that his rivals have dealt him a constant barrage of both political and personal attacks on a daily basis.

On health and sleep, the Texas senator shared that “fighting morning and night for the future of our country ensures long nights and early mornings.” Lastly, referring to personal time, he said that this is no longer possible because, as a candidate, his days are no longer his own, and there is almost no personal time when one runs for the presidency.


Ted Cruz concluded with the words: “Friend, let me be clear. I’m willingly making these sacrifices – despite the high cost…”

Senator Elizabeth Warren posted a screenshot of the email on her Twitter account and followed it up with a tweet directed to the Republican candidate. She tagged Ted Cruz, asking the senator if he was kidding regarding his “whining.” She added in her tweet: “We’re supposed to pity you because trying to be the leader of the free world is hard?! 2 words: Boo hoo.”

She continued to say that people whose health is actually limited are workers with no paid leave who cannot stay at home when sick or care for their children. She added in her tweet that paid leave is something the Republican presidential candidate is not supporting.

The Democrat senator also tweeted about parents who have limited sleep for staying up late and worrying about how their children will get through college without any big debt. She also stated that Ted Cruz blocked the refinancing market.

Senator Warren also said in her series of tweets that people who work two minimum wage jobs, as well as mothers with unfair schedules who drop their kids at daycare then eventually find out that their hours were canceled, are the ones who have no personal time and family time. She added the statements that the Republican presidential candidate opposes giving people a wage hike and the GOP, in general, does not want to help solve these problems.

The Massachusetts senator also criticized the Texas senator regarding his comments on minority groups such as Muslims, immigrants, and the LGBT community, who she says face daily attacks.

She concluded her series of tweets with the words: “And @TedCruz? Working people work more, get paid less, can’t save, get mistreated, struggle with illness & family – but they don’t whine.”

The Democratic senator also said that Cruz should spend less time complaining about his sacrifices and more time doing something about the citizens of America’s sacrifices.

Senator Elizabeth Warren is also known for her comments against Republican frontrunner Donald Trump, calling the real estate mogul a loser.

The attack on the Republican frontrunner was posted on Facebook, as the Massachusetts senator said that Trump has had different failed business ventures and bankruptcies in the past. She added that his insecurities are very visible because of his bullying, attacks on women, racism, and being a narcissist.

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