No, Justin Bieber Didn’t Call Dreadlocks ‘Weird,’ Pokes Fun At Himself In Keanu Reeves Parody

Justin Bieber is no stranger to headlines, and the internet misreporting and misinterpreting every move he makes. The latest example is the reaction by some to the pop star’s use of the word “weird” in his caption to an Instagram video, in which he refers to himself and the humorous voice he uses during the clip.

While jetting from Antigua to St. Louis, Missouri, for his Purpose World Tour concert on Tuesday, the Biebs shared a video of himself doing a lightly comical skit about the disapproval over his recent much-talked-about dreadlocks hairstyle.

Shortly after posting the clip, Justin added a self-deprecating caption, writing, “Being weird is fun’ if u r not weird I don’t like you.”

Being weird is fun' if u r not weird I don't like you

A video posted by Justin Bieber (@justinbieber) on

In the clip, the 22-year-old hammed it up, drawling, “Dude, are you gonna do anything with your hair? Are you just gonna leave it like that, dude?”

The singer also recalled a critical remark a fan made about his dreadlocks, saying, “Yeah, some girl came up to me, she was like ‘I love you Justin but, like, that’s like my least favorite hair style of yours.’”

So, why is the video funny? Well, the Biebs delivered his bit in a slacker-teen style reminiscent of the actor Keanu Reeves, circa his late 80’s Bill & Ted movies.

In fact, that is exactly who Bieber was mimicking, according to his longtime stylist, Karla Welch. Within seconds of the heartthrob sharing his video yesterday, Welch tweeted, “@justinbieber doing his best #keanuinbillandted in @bajaeast supplied by me @TheWallGroup #hessocute.”

So far, so harmless. Yet, despite the apparent obviousness that the Biebs’ video caption is an observation about himself and his Keanu Reeves impression, some social media users chose to think otherwise thanks to misleading media outlet headlines.

@TheCut so he associates Black hairstyles with "being weird"? He can kiss my ass with them ugly ass grinch fingertips he calls dreads.

— Kiaira ♡ (@BlvckConscious) April 19, 2016

@TheCut dreads… Are a culture not something weird

— black panther AndREW (@tvchalla) April 20, 2016

In response, some Justin Bieber fans, many of whom are likely used to the singer’s Keanu Reeves and/or general slacker impressions on Snapchat, attempted to inform those critics.

@ConfidelnMe @TheCut nah this was the vid and the caption was being weird is fun bc of the way he was talking

— ㅤ (@trustrecall) April 20, 2016

@tvchalla @TheCut and he never said it was. He was referring to the stupid voice he did in the video

— Amanda (@_MandaaaS) April 20, 2016

And so on. Interestingly, the majority of historical and anthropological texts on the subject of dreadlocks reveal they were worn by ancient Greeks, European Celts, Vikings and other Norse tribes, Irish Picts, the Nazarite Jews, Ethiopians, Kenyans, Egyptians, Indian Sadhus, Caribbeans, Islamic Dervishes, Tibetans, Aborigines, Aztec priests, and possibly other cultures. They are still worn by some in those cultures which still exist today.

For Justin Bieber”>Justin Bieber, it’s probably best if he accepts (if he hasn’t already), that whatever he says or does will always be seen negatively by those invested in doing so. As history continues to show, that is the typical price the “weird” pay in our social-media-accelerated judgmental times.

[Image via Instagram]