Women And Senior Citizens Give Paul Ryan A Chance, New Rasmussen And CNN Polls Report

Republican vice-presidential candidate Paul Ryan has increased the GOP likeability factor with women, senior citizens, and independents during the first 72-hours after he was tapped for the ticket. The poll results released in a new Rasmussen poll did not give the Mitt Romney campaign a huge bump but did move the dial into a more favorable position.

The Romney-Ryan Rasmussen poll shows 31 percent of likely senior citizen voters gave Paul Ryan a “very favorable” rating. Only 16 percent of senior citizens responding to the Rasmussen poll gave Ryan a “very unfavorable” rating. A Marquette University poll released before the Paul Ryan VP announcement last week had President Barack Obama leading Mitt Romney 50-45.

“Anybody who’s getting Medicare today will get it. We shouldn’t conceded Florida at this time. Go argue to the residents of Florida this affects your kids and grandkids. This is a careful argument but you have to make that argument,” Republican campaign consultant Ed Rollins told Fox News.

The approval percentage with the senior citizens is higher than the rankings given by young voters. A total of 21 percent of legal-age voters gave Ryan a “very favorable” rating, Fox News reports. A CNN poll also noted a higher percentage of independent and women voters have a positive view of Ryan than not.

The CNN poll currently has Paul Ryan at a 27 percent approval rating overall. The vice-presidential candidate garnered a 22 percent unfavorable rating with independent voters during the CNN poll taken on August 7-8 with 911 registered voters. Approximately half of the likely voters responding to the CNN poll answered, “no opinion” because they had never heard of Paul Ryan.

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