Orlando Bloom And Katy Perry Continue With PDAs, Even At Coachella: But What’s That In Katy’s Hand?

Orlando Bloom, the actor best known for his role in the Pirates of the Caribbean series as Will Turner and the Lord of The Rings trilogy as Legolas, is deep in the throes of romance with Katy Perry.

Initially starting as a rumor too good to be true for fans of the pair, it turned out to be true when Bloom and Perry eventually admitted that they’re dating. According to People, the couple was speculated to have started dating during a Golden Globes bash back in January.

Bloom and Perry took a February getaway in Hawaii and flew over to Bloom’s homeland on March 5 to spend time with his friends and his mother.

After getting back to L.A., Katy Perry has been reported to be getting close to Orlando Bloom’s son, Flynn, from the Black Hawk Down actor’s previous relationship with Miranda Kerr. According to People magazine’s sources, Perry has been spending a lot of time with Orlando Bloom and his son lately, leading fans to speculate that things are getting serious for the pair. Orlando Bloom has been known to be very protective of his son, Flynn, so introducing him to Katy Perry and allowing the two to spend lots of quality time together certainly suggests that things are starting to heat up between the Pirates of the Caribbean actor and his new love.

The couple recently spent a few days in the happiest place on earth. According to Mirror, Bloom and Perry were reported to be in Disneyland in late March.

The pair somewhat attempted to blend in with the crowd, with Katy Perry wearing a white shirt, a pair of glasses, and white cap, but fans were not easily fooled.

A source spoke about how they were during their visit to Disneyland, noting that the pair were enjoying their time together and acting like a married couple.

“Orlando and Katy were very hands-on with each other during their trip to Disney. They were like little kids. It seemed like they were married the way they were acting with each other. They were holding hands and Orlando sneaked a kiss on one ride. They looked happy and in love.”

It goes without saying that a number of fans saw them going around the amusement park. Many people were live tweeting the movements of Bloom and Perry, snapping pictures and sharing details of their adventures on the social media site. Luckily, fans at the amusement park that day didn’t seem to disturb Orlando Bloom and his girlfriend, allowing them to still enjoy their time together.

Bloom and Perry have been getting closer and closer these past few weeks, with fans reporting on a recent sighting of the pair at a Malibu. The couple doesn’t seem to have a problem with PDAs, as the pair was seen kissing in public on the beach while watching the sunset, accompanied by Orlando Bloom’s dog.

According to Daily Mail, Perry calls Bloom her boyfriend, so it’s probably safe to say things are official now.

And according to Daily Mail, Perry says that one of the things she likes most about Orlando Bloom is that he is down to earth. Many fans have noticed that the pair seem like teenagers in love because they just can’t get enough of each other.

A source spoke on how Bloom and Perry are becoming more and more official.

“They’ve barely been apart for weeks, so Orlando figured he should officially give Katy a key to his apartment so she can come over whenever. She was thrilled and offered him one to her place on the other side of LA too. They spend most nights at his place and practically live together but the holiday cemented things between them. Now she’s happier than ever.”

The visit back home seemed to go very well for Orlando Bloom, as he introduced Katy Perry to his mother, Sonia Constance Josephine, while the group enjoyed a meal together at a pub near his home village. Katy flew into the U.K. just for the occasion.

A source spoke about the meal at the pub.

“They were laughing and joking and Katy and Orlando’s mom were getting on like a house on fire.”

Most recently, Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom were spotted at Coachella, with some eagle-eyed fans noting that Perry was smoking something that looked remarkably like a joint while sitting on top of Orlando Bloom’s shoulders. As one Twitter user noted, “you don’t see that every day.”

[Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]