Chris Hemsworth Takes On Rihanna’s ‘Work’ And It’s Hilarious

Chris Hemsworth, the actor best known for playing the role of Thor in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, recently made a shockingly hilarious comedic appearance on The Radio 1 Breakfast Show with Nick Grimshaw on BBC Radio 1, according to Entertainment Weekly.

He was on the show to perform a dramatic reading of Rihanna’s hit song “Work,” with his deep heavy baritone voice.

Chris Hemsworth joked about the experience.

“It drummed up a whole lot of feelings, emotions, and past experiences. It makes you just want to get to work. Hear that, kids? Get a job.”

Chris Hemsworth is going to be putting down the hammer to pick up an ax as he reprises his role as the Huntsman in the movie The Huntsman: Winter’s War. According to The Times of India, he had nothing but praise for his female co-stars in the film during the press tour for the movie.

Jessica Chastain, who plays Huntswoman Sarah, Charlize Theron playing Queen Ravenna, and Emily Blunt as Ice Queen Freya all received praise from Chris for being talented and even somewhat intimidating co-stars. The film is generally less male-oriented than the 2012 film, and Hemsworth says it’s all thanks to his female co-stars.

“It was great… There was a lot less testosterone! It was a different chemistry, but a lot of fun with three incredibly talented and intimidating women. I loved it.”

Chris Hemsworth went on to say that he personally considers himself a feminist, and he believes those values were instilled in him by his parents, whom he regards as positive influences in his life. His mother always taught him to respect women, while his father was an all-around positive influence for him.

In other news, despite the fact that Chris Hemsworth and his brother Liam have both legitimately achieved fame in their own right, it turns out that people still tend to get the brothers confused. According to DNA India, the brothers are mistaken for each other frequently despite the six-year age gap.

Chris Hemsworth spoke on how the fans mistake him for Liam and said that having a beard has only made things worse.

“Now I have a beard it happens more. The first time was at the Star Trek premiere. It was the first big thing I had done and I remember thinking, ‘Wow, this is the beginning of my career,’ and a bunch of people were there and they’re like, ‘Chris, Chris, Chris’, and then ran straight past me to Liam. I thought he was going to correct them but he just winked at me and started signing autographs! That was my first little brush with fame!”

Loki might have made it to Midgard, or so it would seem, because the cause of the recent bad weather is all thanks to Thor. According to AdWeek’s TV Spy, Tom Hiddleston stopped by Chicago Fox-owned station WFLD to try his hand at weather forecasting.

He went on the show to talk to Richard Roeper about his new movie I Saw The Light, a bio-drama where he plays the role of country music legend Hank Williams. During his time on the show, he gave weather forecasting a shot. Given that he plays Loki in the Marvel movies, Hiddleston was very keen to blame the storm system, which created tornadoes in Oklahoma and brought intense thunderstorms to Chicago, on Chris Hemsworth’s Thor. The joke was meant in good fun, and Tom Hiddleston seemed very pleased with himself for having the opportunity!

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