WWE News: Finn Balor And Samoa Joe Rumored For Main Roster Call Up By ‘WWE SummerSlam’

WWE NXT Champion Finn Balor has been the subject of rumors regarding a main roster call-up for about a year now. Some thought he would debut with the main roster dating back to last year’s European Tour. Some even thought he would debut the night after WrestleMania, and others thought he would debut on this year’s European Tour. It has been sort of a game with WWE regarding the tease of Balor, whether he does it or WWE does, and sort of taunting fans who are begging to see him come up.

Some fans think he should remain down in NXT and never come up due to how well he is doing down there. If it were up to Triple H, this would be the plan. The reason for this is not just because Triple H wants to help create the NXT brand around Balor, but he also seems to feel that Balor won’t be used very well on the main roster.

That is why, when Finn Balor does get called up, he’s sure to have a marquee storyline to go with his debut, and he will surely make an impact on his first night.

Samoa Joe
image via WWE

Meanwhile Samoa Joe is sort of an anomaly. WWE didn’t think there was much there. The idea was just to bring him in to work part-time with NXT last year. Triple H was said to have been a fan, so the idea of Joe working with WWE was high. When he arrived, no one expected that he would make as big of an “impact” as he did. (You see what I did there?) Anyway, when Joe arrived, the merchandise for him sold well, and Vince McMahon was impressed by this.

Eventually, Samoa Joe was offered a full-time deal with WWE, which allowed him to just work NXT. Now, there seems to be a toss-up this summer for both men. According to Cageside Seats, either Samoa Joe or Finn Balor will be called up by WWE SummerSlam. While some signs point to Samoa Joe, due to the fact he is not currently NXT Champion, this very well could change. NXT will be doing their next NXT Takeover event in June. There, Finn Balor could drop his NXT Championship to Joe in order to leave.

All signs point to a Finn Balor call-up as well. Both Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson made their WWE debuts and seem to be trying to recruit a resistant AJ Styles to join them on their warpath through WWE. Styles does not seem interested in the idea of having his friends help him fight his battles in WWE.

Balor Takeover
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This is why many assume that the former Bullet Club members will end up turning on AJ (again) and use Finn Balor as the leader of the group over Styles.

For those unaware, under the name Prince Devitt, Finn Balor founded the Bullet Club in NJPW years ago. When he left the company to come to WWE, AJ Styles stepped into the role as leader. When AJ was leaving, the group literally kicked him out of the club. Now Kenny Omega is in charge of the group… sorta. Regardless, the core group members are basically in WWE now, and it makes sense to think that all could work together. However, that would not be as fun.

It does seem to be that WWE is leading to a Finn Balor debut over Samoa Joe simply because of the Gallows and Anderson connection. WWE could even debut Balor as soon as WWE Payback or soon after. Regardless of when, it does appear that at least one or even both men very well could be on the main roster by WWE SummerSlam. It’s not just a waiting game. This does go with WWE trends, as they have brought up at least one or more NXT workers each summer for a few years now. Now, we just have to wonder which man WWE goes with.

[Image via WWE]