Pippa Middleton Dates James Matthews But Not Over Nico Jackson?

Pippa Middleton is back together with her ex from a while back, James Matthews, but she may have another ex-boyfriend lingering on her mind — Nico Jackson. Despite the fact that she has ended things with the banker, who moved to Geneva for work, Pippa Middleton has been visiting Switzerland a little too often.

Pippa Middleton proved she really is a ski bunny as she returned to Switzerland today for her third visit this year,” reports Daily Mail. “The Duchess of Cambridge’s younger sister headed to Zermatt this morning for the 20th edition of the Glacier Patrol race. The author and columnist, 32, opted for traditional ski garb in a winter jacket and checked lumberjack style shirt.”


She has participated in more races than usual in Switzerland, possibly to attract the attention of her ex-boyfriend Nico Jackson.

Or it could be to show him just how well she has adjusted after their breakup. She has even moved in with James Matthews, sharing a mansion in Chelsea together. Things have been moving quickly for the old-new couple!

A source close to the couple told Daily Mail, “It’s all moved very quickly. They’ve been friends for a long time, but James has always been keen. They’ve tested living there and all seems to have gone well. As she was spending so much time at James’s it made sense to keep stuff there.”

He was also seen “leaving a carol concert with Pippa and her mother Carole on Wednesday night, which was held in memory of Prince William’s late friend,” according to Daily Mail.

If mothers are involved, then that means that this relationship is about to get on the fast track to something much more serious!

Before she gets there though, Pippa will have to endure this grueling race first.

“Highly-experienced hiker-skiers will trek across the Haute Route along the Swiss-Italian border from Zermatt to Verbier. The race covers heights of 3994m to 4090m and a distance of 53km by foot and ski, which is equivalent to 110km without altitude,” reports Daily Mail.

If Kate Middleton’s sister is doing this to get the attention of Nico Jackson, then it would be a shame if he doesn’t even bat an eye at her feat.

But it might be awkward if Nico Jackson tries to approach Pippa, as she is most likely participating in the race with her current boyfriend. The last race in Switzerland, James Matthews made sure to attend it with her, probably fearing that she might rekindle things with the banker.


Or it could be that Pippa is willing to travel far to compete in races because she wants to get away from the petty drama of being an English socialite. Recently, she has been on the mouths of her brother James’ girlfriend, Vicky, who has been blabbing about getting introduced to the royal family.

“Spencer’s brother James is dating Pippa Middleton and the couple live together in his €21m Chelsea townhouse, but Vicky said she was disappointed not to get an invite to meet her or her sister Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge,” reports Irish Independent.

“I’ve not met Pippa yet, but I’d be so nervous if I was at event with her and Kate,” she said. “Spencer won’t introduce us because I’m common as muck.”

Competing in European races is a surefire way of avoiding overly eager fans like her!

[Photo by Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images]