WWE News: Vince McMahon Having Second Thoughts About Calling Up The Vaudevillains

The night after WrestleMania is usually quite a fun night, with various new storylines being started as well as debuts like Paige or Goldberg and/or returns for beloved talent like Brock Lesnar. The fact is, this WWE RAW event is fun to watch because of the fun that follows. However, it all has to start here. Then you have WWE SmackDown the same week, that sort of does that too… a little.

WWE has been trying to make sure SmackDown is useful since putting it on the USA Network, so they have tried to treat it similar to RAW in some ways. It hasn’t worked as much as it should have, but they are least trying. That is why WWE decided to have a lot of people debut on RAW but also to debut beloved WWE NXT tag team The Vaudevillains on SmackDown. It was cool to see them get the call-up, but it was met with some mixed reactions.

Simon Gotch and Aiden English of The Vaudevillains are both talented performers but may have a tough time adjusting to the WWE audience on the main roster. Similar to what happened to The Ascension, sometimes a mark crowd will know what they are and how they work, but the casual fans won’t connect to them as much. It happens, but due to WWE NXT still being a viable option for groups, there is no drop-down if a person goes up and down from NXT to the main roster shows. However, WWE does want to make sure they try to do well with them on the main roster too.

The Vaudevillains
image via WWE

The Vllains may have a difficult time trying to do well however. According to Daily Wrestling News, WWE Chairman Vince McMahon is already having second thoughts about bringing the pair up to the main roster. Many were surprised to see the call-up, considering a lot of people felt they weren’t quite ready for it just yet. The feeling behind it was that they were called up simply because WWE felt they were down in NXT for long enough.

Similar to Enzo Amore and Colin Cassady. There is a time when you have to use a sink or swim attitude with talent and see what they can do. Many feel it is far too soon for them to feud with The New Day over the WWE Tag Team Championships, which is most likely why Enzo and Cass will end up winning the tag team tournament. Right now, Enzo and Cass seem to be doing fantastic upon their debut, and management cannot be happier with them. However, The Vaudevillains are not doing as well as of now.

The theory among some fans is that WWE has not allowed for their characters to shine through yet. The casuals do not know who they are, so it will take time for them to go anywhere. Both men are good at what they do, and they needed a tag team scenario to stand out. On their own, they simply were not able to do anything worthwhile. However, once English and Gotch paired up, they ended up becoming a fan favorite tag team.

Gotch and English
image via WWE

They were originally heels, but fans got behind them so much that the face turn was made. While it was noted that both have been with NXT for a while, they have not been down in NXT as a successful tag team for all that long. However, both Gotch and English have been with WWE for years in the developmental system. Again, both have talent, and WWE could be pulling a move to see if they have what it takes to be in the tag title mix right away.

WWE seems to be high on Enzo and Cass. There seems to be a rumor surrounding them claiming that The Dudleys will cost them the #1 contenders match or the tag title match with New Day if they get that far. This is would be done to keep Enzo and Cass from going down cleanly. This would also mean that the villains could end up winning the tournament if WWE feels it would be good to protect Enzo and Cass for a while. This would run them into the problem from earlier, but the match would most likely be a one-off if that is the case.

It was also noted, however, that Enzo and Cass very well could go on to win the tag team titles anyway, so we will have to see where things go. As for English and Gotch, don’t be surprised if WWE tries to see what else the two can do as a tag team. If they still cannot connect, they very well could be thrown back down to NXT or be jobbed out like The Ascension has been. With Konnor suspended, there is a need for such a team.

[Image via WWE]