Dennis Binks To Stay At Haunted House In Hull, UK: Paranormal Investigation Team Investigating ‘The Hostel’

Dennis Binks, a minister for the Candle of Light Spiritual Church in Corby, will be among a paranormal investigation team investigating The Hostel in Hull, UK.

The Hostel has been abandoned for years due to the paranormal activity that occurs. This seven-bedroom home is known for people being dragged by unseen forces and objects being thrown around.

According to Hull Daily Mail, the last time a group of people stayed at The Hostel, strange occurrences began the moment they walked inside.

“The activity started the moment we got inside. Things moved and three people even vomited. There was this amazing feeling of sickness that came over us. Doors opened on their own and one man even had a ball thrown at him when he said he could live here.”


Becci Cook, 26, was among the group who stayed at The Hostel that night. Becci videotaped some moments of her stay and recorded a ghostly image using the night vision feature.

Sue Thompson, 60, was impressed with the amount of responses they were able to get.

“It was a very exciting night. We got an amazing response from the table-tipping, the seance and the Ouija board. You always got the sense something was standing behind you and the experiments we carried out proved to me something was there. Each ghost hunt is different but you need energy and enthusiasm among the group you are with and there was a lot of that.”

While the group stayed at The Hostel between 9 p.m. and 4 a.m., they realized there was a presence of an evil man who stayed upstairs. At the bottom floor was the presence of a woman and three children. Walter, a 10-year-old who lived in The Hostel back in 1840 died from hanging.

Becci informed the Hull Daily Mail that they came across three names; Walter, Alexander, and Richard. Apparently, the evil man admitted to have been abused and eventually he killed a the woman and three children.


Jolene Lockwood, a clairvoyant medium, was also among the group who stayed at The Hostel.

“We had one guest struck on the head with ball and a number of names brought through the spirit box. Hair being touched, feelings of sickness and emotions. It was a fantastic night.”

Andy Yates, the owner of The Hostel, shared some frightening stories of his own to the Hull Daily Mail.

“I lived in the house by myself, and I came downstairs to find steak knives balanced on the plates in the drying rack,”

Yates also said he once saw a child’s shadow come out of the fireplace and stayed there for 15 minutes before disappearing.

According to Haunted Happenings, Yates tried to rent the house out, but he was highly unsuccessful. In fact, the longest any tenant ever stayed at The Hostel was four days.


Some occurrences that have scared tenants away are being strangled and dragged, objects flying through the air, furniture being thrown around, and simply an unwelcoming presence felt.

The police have also been called numerous times due to the paranormal activity. Sometimes, police would raid the house simply because they noticed “phantom faces” in the windows of the house.

The next stay at The Hostel will take place on Friday, May 13 at 10 p.m. A paranormal team will be investigating the haunted house on De Grey Street in Hull, UK. If you are over the age of 18 and are brave enough, the cost to attend this sleepover at The Hostel is £ 65.00.

Would you be brave enough to stay in The Hostel for five hours, or does this house in Hull seem too spooky? Check out some more photos from inside The Hostel here.

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