Watch Real Madrid Vs. Villareal Live Stream Free, La Liga Week 34

Watch Real Madrid vs. Villareal live stream free in an exciting match for La Liga’s top spot on Wednesday, April 20 from Santiago Bernabéu, Madrid.

It has been an interesting few weeks for Real Madrid, a team that not long ago was thinking it would have no chance whatsoever at the coveted La Liga title. After an exciting victory over Barcelona in El Clasico a few weeks ago, the tables have turned and Los Blancos are just one point away from first place.

Barcelona, despite having one of the most impressive offensive lines in football, has fallen apart in recent weeks and is barely hanging on to first place, alongside Atletico Madrid, with 76 points. Real Madrid is following hot on their heels with 75, making this one of the most exciting endings to a La Liga seasons in recent years.

Unquestionably, things have not been easy for Real Madrid, and thanks in big part to the genius that is Cristiano Ronaldo, the team has rallied and won five of their last six encounters, including Game 1 of the UEFA Champions League quarterfinal against Wolfsburg. When you watch Real Madrid vs. Villareal live stream, you will see if the steady leadership of new manager Zinedine Zidane continues to bear fruit for the club.

Zidane is quick to admit that his team shouldn’t even be in this position and hasn’t won anything yet. In a recent interview published by ESPN, Real’s manager says he is staying focused on the task at hand: snatching the title from Barcelona and Atletico.

“We have not won anything yet. Nothing. We haven’t won anything, we haven’t achieved anything so you can say whatever you want to say but I don’t like that kind of talk.

“Winning everything in football doesn’t exist. What we must do is to play everything, we are lucky to be still alive in La Liga and in the Champions League but we have not won anything. The good thing is that the players think the same.

“People can say that we are going to win everything but I just think we need to be focused on what we have to do and the players know it is not going to be easy.”

When you watch Real Madrid vs. Villareal live stream, you will see if Los Blancos can continue with this hot winning streak and finally catch Barca after being nine points behind a few weeks ago, which then seemed insurmountable. But here they are, ready to face yet another nemesis, the less flashy but very consistent Atleti, which has steadily climbed to the top spot in the last few weeks, winning four of their last six encounters and experiencing one of the most spectacular turnarounds in La Liga history.


The same could be said about Real Madrid, however, due to Los Blancos’ stellar lineup, everyone expects much more from Zidane’s side than Diego Simeone’s. Equally shocking is Barcelona’s complete meltdown, which has cost Luis Enrique’s men the last three matches in a development not many predicted.

There are five weeks left in La Liga season, and at this point, one of the top three teams will take the title. Don’t discount Atletico, which stunned the heavy favorite Real at the end of last season when, after a brilliant season otherwise, Los Blancos failed to win the Spanish League for their fans. Anything can happen this time around.

Watch Real Madrid vs. Villareal live stream free here. Kick of is at 2 p.m. ET.

[Photo by Francisco Seco/AP Images]