Scheana Marie Shay’s Neighbor Files Lawsuit Over Her Cat, Marijuana Smoke

Scheana Marie Shay’s neighbor is not very happy with her right now and has gone as far as to file a lawsuit against her. TMZ shared the details of this lawsuit that came out today. A neighbor, who shares a wall with Mike and Scheana, has decided he is tired of a lot of things going on and wants it to come to a stop. The neighbor took it so far that a lawsuit has now been filed. As of right now, Scheana Marie Shay is being quiet on her thoughts about the lawsuit filed by her neighbor.


Mike and Scheana Marie do not live in a house but live in a fancy high-rise apartment in L.A. They share a wall with a guy, and he is the one who is not happy at all about what is going on. He is complaining about a few thing at Scheana Marie’s apartment, but his main complaint is that there are marijuana clouds coming from their apartment. The lawsuit says that his spouse and young kids are getting nauseous from the smoke because it is so bad. The lawsuit went on explain that they also have a lot of loud noise going on when they party.


This isn’t all that he is upset about when it comes to Mike and Scheana Marie Shay’s apartment. Scheana has a black cat, and he says that she leaves it outside along with food for the cat. This is attracting ants, and they are coming into his apartment now because of it. His lawsuit is against Scheana Marie Shay and the building management. He is hoping to get a discount on his rent and damages.

When Mike Shay opened up about his problems with addiction on Vanderpump Rules, Scheana Marie admitted that she didn’t like him popping pills, but was just fine with a little bit of marijuana or drinking. Reality Tea shared that Scheana was even having Shay do at home drug tests, but those were his idea. Mike Shay shared his reason for wanting to do this for Scheana Marie.

“I was scared I was going to lose her over this. Trust is a huge thing. We just got married. I said, ‘I will do this for you to prove, not only to prove to her, but also to prove to myself.”

Things are going great for Scheana Marie and Mike Shay now. He is over his addiction issues, but according to this new lawsuit, it doesn’t sound like he is done smoking marijuana if the smoke is really leaking into the neighbor’s apartment. Scheana shared how things are going for the couple after his battle.

“I’m very thankful that this first year has been as difficult as it has been because it’s given us so much to build on. He speaks his mind a lot more, to the point where he’s almost a d–k sometimes and I’m like, ‘Whoa, buddy, you don’t have to be so mean about it.’ It’s an adjustment for me, but I like that he has that spunk and that life in him again. It catches me off guard but I think this is the strongest we’ve ever been.”

Are you shocked to hear that Scheana Marie Shay’s neighbor has filed a lawsuit against her? Do you think that this is taking it too far? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don’t miss Vanderpump Rules when it returns to Bravo.

[Photo by Angela Weiss/Getty Images for OK! Magazine]