‘Damn Daniel’ Star Wants Gigi Hadid As His Prom Date: How Does Zayn Malik Feel?

It’s no secret that teenage boys have a crush on Gigi Hadid. Daniel Lara of “Damn Daniel” fame asked the model to be his prom date.

Daniel Lara and Joshua Holz achieved overnight success after their viral video meme caught fire on the internet. The shy teenage boys then made an appearance on The Ellen Show twice and even made a red carpet appearance at the 2016 MTV Movie Awards.

That’s when the talk show cut to a scene when Daniel finally worked up the courage to ask Gigi Hadid to prom with him. The blonde beauty asked him when his prom was, and he said it was in two or three weeks. Then Hadid let out a cool sign and responded, “I’ll have to ask Z,” meaning her boyfriend Zayn Malik.

Check out the adorable video below. Or you can skip to the 1:50 mark to see Daniel ask Gigi out.

Gigi Hadid clearly has a busy schedule. She’s set to make an appearance at Paris Fashion Week in June. Hadid’s boyfriend shouldn’t have to worry about Lara stealing his lady. After all, the kid is just 14 years old and it’s obvious that Hadid is very happy with her beau. Sources are claiming that Hadid and Malik’s “explosive chemistry” in their shoot for Vogue magazine has a lot to do with what happens behind closed doors.

One of the sources told the Hollywood Life that Z knows how to please Gigi in the bedroom, which is why their romance is so hot. It sounds like the couple act like rabbits everywhere they go.

“Gigi has never been with someone so attentive and masculine as Zayn. They literally can’t keep their hands off each other. Their chemistry is explosive and their sex life is super spontaneous.”

The hot new pair is so comfortable with their sex life that they’re able to laugh things off. Malik, 23, shared a meme of Hadid, 20, with a caption about the model “playing with his d**k.” On Thursday, April 14, the “Pillowtalk” singer shared the funny meme on Twitter that someone else had originally tweeted.

It read “guess who gets to play with zayns d**k” and it shows a GIF of Gigi pointing to her face and smiling. Zayn retweeted the meme with laughing-and-crying and tongue-sticking-out emojis.

Another reason why Zayn Malik’s relationship with Gigi Hadid is so strong is because they have taken the next step in their relationship. Sources revealed to the celebrity gossip blog that the young stars reportedly got engaged during a recent trip to New York City back in March. A so-called source revealed what went on during Malik and Hadid’s date.

“They were seated a private table tucked away in the back. Honestly, it didn’t look like anything special was going on, that is, until Gigi practically jumped out of her seat and yelled, ‘Yes!'”

The couple reportedly celebrated the occasion with a large bottle of champagne. They couldn’t look happier than ever, claims the source. “They even got a round of applause from some other diners!”

Of course there are no photos or videos of this alleged incident, so it’s kind of hard to believe. Gigi and Zayn first made romance rumors when they were spotted together after the American Music Awards in late November last year. Then the couple confirmed the rumors when they packed on the PDA in the “Pillowtalk” music video and starred in a sexy photo shoot for Vogue.

The couple has worn each other’s clothes and jewelry, but Hadid hasn’t confirmed the rumors with an engagement ring on her finger. But Malik has popped the question before to his ex-fiancée Perrie Edwards, so it wouldn’t be a stretch for him.

[Photo by Emma McIntyre/Getty Images for MTV]