Ted Cruz’s Female Doppelganger On ‘Maury’ Has Broken The Internet

Ted Cruz apparently has a female doppelganger who is in a spot of trouble. It seems this young lady, who looks like Ted Cruz, a candidate for the Republican nomination for president of the United States, is pregnant and isn’t sure who the father is right now. This young woman, who certainly didn’t ask to look almost exactly like the junior United States senator from the great state of Texas, is appearing on an upcoming airing of Maury in order to figure out once and for all which of apparently five men impregnated her.

The irony in all of this is, of course, that Ted Cruz would likely have some very strong words about the young woman’s lifestyle choices. We just wonder if he might start off those words with, “No daughter of mine…” The resemblance is that uncanny. The picture of this Ted Cruz doppelganger was first spotted on a promo for Maury and was posted on Reddit in the Donald Trump fans subreddit. As if there is any other place something like this would have first surfaced.


While that subreddit might have been one of the first places where the picture of the lady who looked exactly like Ted Cruz surfaced, it certainly wasn’t the definitive spot on the internet talking about the similarities. Twitter had a field day with the Ted Cruz lookalike and offered up a number of different ideas about how this kind of thing could happen. As Hollywood Life points out, there were plenty of people on the social media site who believed Ted Cruz had decided to dress up in drag and have a little fun at Maury Povich’s expense.

Others stated they believed it was possible the U.S. senator is simply one of the best character actors of our generation. NY Mag went so far as to wish out loud that this might be some sort of Parent Trap situation. That would mean neither Ted Cruz nor Ted Cruz’s female counterpart knew the other existed, and once they find each other, hilarity is bound to ensue. All this news comes at the same time the presidential hopeful is trying his hardest to win over the people of the state of New York.


Both the Republican and Democratic primaries take place on Tuesday night, and the outcomes for both parties could go a long way towards clearing up who will be the nominees on either side of the aisle, or muddying the waters even more. Ted Cruz is hoping to muddy the waters despite making some rather inflammatory comments about Donald Trump and his “New York” values. Cruz has attempted to claim those comments were complimentary to a certain segment of New Yorkers, but city’s residents don’t appear to be buying it.

Should Ted Cruz manage to somehow win the state of New York on Tuesday night, it would almost guarantee the GOP wouldn’t have a nominee before this summer’s convention in Cleveland. That would be very good news for Ted Cruz as he currently trails Donald Trump by a wide margin in the delegate count. Cruz’s only recourse is to hope for an open nominating convention. That too seems a bit of a long shot, though not quite as long a shot as winning New York is going to be for the senator. The good news is it appears Ted will have a fallback job should he fail in his attempts at being president of the United States. The picture of his lookalike indicates that Ted Cruz could have a long and productive career as a reality television star, and it appears he doesn’t even need to appear as himself.

[Photo by Bryan Thomas/Getty Images]