Patrick Shunn And Monique Patenaude: Brothers Wanted For Couple’s Murder May Be In Mexico

On Tuesday, Snohomish County, Washington, Sheriff’s Office announced that two brothers wanted in connection with the probable murder of couple Patrick Shunn and Monique Patenaude may be headed to or already in Mexico.

Huffpost Crime reports that John Reed, 53, and Tony Reed, 49, are accused of killing Shunn, 45, and his wife Patenaude, 46, over a property dispute that went horribly wrong. John Reed’s former land was adjacent to the couple’s property in Arlington, Washington, and investigators confirmed that there had been an ongoing dispute, which led to the couple filing a lawsuit against him three years ago. The lawsuit claimed that the brothers drove their RVs all over the couple’s land and allowed their dogs to harass their farm animals.


So far, Shunn and Patenaude are still missing, but investigators pieced together information after finding their vehicle down a long embankment, and at this point, the couple is presumed dead. According to the Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office press release,

“Detectives believe the couple were the victims of homicidal violence based on evidence collected at the scene of the missing couple’s vehicles, as well as the former residence of John Reed.”

Recently, the arguments may have reached a breaking point after Shunn and Patenaude apparently caught one of the brothers “squatting” on the piece of land that John Reed used to own.

The Reed brothers, considered armed and dangerous, left their red Volkswagen in Phoenix, and are now possibly in a 2002 gold Acura 32T with Arizona plate number BNN-9968. The Acura was last spotted on Monday, close to Calexico, California, after its plates were electronically scanned. Calexico is a town situated on the U.S-Mexico border, which prompted authorities to determine that the brothers are more than likely trying to sneak in Mexico.

“The exact location of the Reed brothers is unknown, but there is reason to believe they may be trying to flee to Mexico.”

The Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office is asking for the public’s assistance in finding the brothers, but they warn that no one should approach them if they’re spotted. Both brothers have an extensive criminal past and both are convicted felons. According to Sheriff Ty Trenary,

“The public should absolutely be worried.”

John Reed is described as 5’8″, 190 pounds, with hazel eyes and grey hair. Tony Reed is described as 5’11”, 150 pounds, with green eyes and grey hair.


Meanwhile, although there is still a faint hope of finding the couple alive, family member Erik Shunn said last week that he had a sinking feeling that something just wasn’t right. In an interview with Washington’s KIRO 7, Erik stated,

“I have a really bad gut feeling about this. I have a really, really bad gut feeling. And I felt like that from the start.”

According to Snohomish County Sheriff’s spokesman Shari Ireton, it’s extremely rare for Shunn and Patenaude to go even a few days without talking to family.

“What makes this suspicious for detectives is the fact that Patrick and Monique, it’s very unusual for them not to be in touch with family and friends this long.”

A search warrant obtained by the sheriff’s office indicates that Shunn and Patenaude were afraid of John Reed, who allegedly acted “crazy” towards them many times, and threatened to “shoot” them on several different occasions.

Anyone with any information on Patrick Shunn and Monique Patenaude, or the whereabouts of the Reed brothers, should contact 911 immediately. Again, both brothers are considered highly dangerous and should not be approached.

[Photo by Snohomish Sheriff’s Office]