‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Spoilers: Callie And Arizona About To Battle Over Sofia [Video]

Now that Penny has joined Grey’s Anatomy it doesn’t look like Callie and Arizona will be able to work out their relationship problems. It did look like they had finally learned to get along and co-parent, though. Now things have changed since Callie made this big decision to move, but didn’t seem to think about her shared custody before saying yes. The new Grey’s Anatomy preview shows how it will all go down.


Callie and Arizona sit down during this week’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy at a coffee shop. Callie is telling her all about how she found an apartment that is two bedrooms and close to some great schools. She even pulls out the pamphlets to show her. Callie tries to play it off like she brought the pamphlets so they could talk about what is going on, but as Arizona quickly tells her, she seems to have already decided what is going to happen. This would mean that Callie would be moving Sofia to New York. Can you imagine Grey’s Anatomy without Callie?

Arizona is not happy with the idea of Sofia not being with her and heading to New York to go to school. Arizona will still be working at Grey-Sloan Memorial Hospital, and this would mean she only got to see her daughter once in a while. It would be taking Sofia away from the home she knows. She explains to Callie that she never said it was okay to take her daughter across the country without her. The two can’t agree on what they discussed at all, but viewers know that Grey’s Anatomy didn’t show Callie asking Arizona’s opinion on the move.


On this Grey’s Anatomy episode, everyone is going to be shocked that Arizona feels like Callie should just leave Sofia with her. Sofia is Callie’s biological daughter, but they have both raised her as their own. Callie has no idea that Arizona has already talked to April’s lawyer, and she is prepared for a fight to keep their daughter with her. She is Arizona’s adopted daughter, and she has rights to her as well. Grey’s Anatomy fans are going to see a new side of Arizona during this battle.

ABC shared a few more spoilers for this week’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy. Owen and Amelia will end up working together on the big case of the week. A little boy ends up getting shot when they are playing with a gun. This is going to be a great episode full of opinions on gun control. They will be fighting to save the life of this little boy who was injured from a gunshot wound, and his friend who shot him is there at the hospital waiting to see if he survives.

Are you surprised to see that Callie and Arizona are going to fight this much on Grey’s Anatomy? Do you think that Sofia should stay with Arizona? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don’t miss new episodes of Grey’s Anatomy on Thursday nights on ABC.

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