Everyone Is Getting 150 Phoenix Credits In ‘The Division’ This Weekend, With Plenty More Promised As Compensation

Each week, Massive Entertainment takes time to clue fans of Tom Clancy’s: The Division in on what they have planned for their recently released MMO shooter by broadcasting a State of the Game livestream every Tuesday morning while the game’s servers are brought down for scheduled maintenance. Continuing this tradition, the developer announced on their official Twitch channel today that they will be handing out free Phoenix Credits in The Division this weekend.

Phoenix Credits are a special currency used in Tom Clancy’s: The Division to purchase special crafting blueprints and high-end equipment. Users can earn these credits by engaging in a wide selection of in-game activities such as completing daily objectives, taking on challenging co-op missions, or taking the fight to other players in title’s competitive Dark Zone map.

Helping players gain quicker access some of the best gear found in The Division, community manager Hamish Bode confirmed on this morning’s stream that they will be giving every player 150 Phoenix Credits sometime this weekend. While it won’t be enough to pick up the blueprints for one of the game’s newly introduced set pieces, this week’s free gift will cover the cost of many of the available high-end schematics featuring lower gear scores.

The Division rusher Be more prepared for combat with better gear from Phoenix Credits [Image via Tom Clancy’s: The Division]Massive Entertainment states that the free Phoenix Credits are being offered to users to make up for the fact that there were several days where daily missions were unavailable in The Division. This meant that players could not earn the credits as easily during that period. Hoping to repay those who continue to show the game support despite dealing with unforeseen bugs, the developer also promised that they will have more compensation rewards coming in the future.

A VG/247 report points out that developer Massive went on to reveal that anyone who could not access their character due to infinite load issues should also expect to receive even more rewards in the near future. As part of today’s State of the Game livestream, the developer announced that they will pay out another 500 Phoenix Credits to the affected parties in the next couple of weeks in addition to a stack of each high-end crafting components.

Thankfully, the most recent title update for Tom Clancy’s: The Division fixed the infinite load bug. This finally gave several fans the chance to once again be able to play the game. Some claims stated that the issue had locked many out of their characters for weeks. As the Inquisitr previously reported, the bug was caused by a problem dealing with certain crafted backpacks.

The Division agents The dreaded backpack bug has been fixed! [Image via Tom Clancy’s: The Division]In addition to bringing much needed bug fixes, last week’s update also introduced the Incursion game mode to The Division. While detailing the new content on their official blog, Ubisoft warned fans that the Falcon Lost Incursion should only be attempted by well-equipped agents since the mode is intended to provide veteran players with a new level of difficulty.

“Incursions, the first of two free updates for The Division, is now available on Xbox One, PS4, and PC. This new update adds several new features to the game – the most notable being the Falcon Lost incursion. This new area within the game pits Division Agents against wave after wave of LMB soldiers who guard an important water treatment facility.”

Of course, Incursions were the only thing added with The Division‘s recent content patch. While the new game mode was meant to appease co-op fans, developer Massive also improved the Dark Zone for those seeking more Player-versus-Player gameplay.

“Also arriving with the Incursions update are Dark Zone supply drops (that contain uncontaminated gear) and assignments, which give players rewards for completing a series of designated tasks that change periodically. In addition to these activities, players will have access to player trading and new gear sets with all-new perks and bonuses.”

What do you plan to do with your free Phoenix Credits in The Division?

[Image via Tom Clancy’s: The Division]