Nicole Mittendorff Update: Missing Woman Is Not Pregnant

The search for missing Virginia woman Nicole Mittendorff is intensifying, and now there are new updates in her case regarding the speculation circulating about her strange disappearance. Virginia State Police have reportedly confirmed that the missing woman is not pregnant, contrary to concerns being expressed by the public. Peggy Fox with WUSA9 News tweeted this information earlier this afternoon.

Speculation on social media and among members of the public seemed to indicate that Nicole Mittendorff may be pregnant. That’s because they had apparently signed up for an online baby gift registry — a usual indicator that a couple is expecting. However, Virginia State Police say that the couple did not make the registry, and they are not expecting a baby.

Meanwhile, while authorities address rumors, the search for Nicole Mittendorff has intensified. Investigators with the Virginia State Police are asking for help from the public in figuring out what happened to the missing firefighter. However, there hasn’t been a specific call for volunteer searchers — not since the missing woman’s vehicle was discovered in a remote location.

Even though authorities are addressing rumors associated with the disappearance of Nicole Mittendorff, folks on popular forums and social media pages are still speculating wildly. That could be partly because of the lack of information in this case. All that is known is that Nicole hasn’t been seen for approximately one week after failing to show up for work last Friday.

Nicole has been described as a determined and devoted firefighter, as well as an athletic person who enjoyed training for triathlons. She has been called a “high-achiever” in media headlines and is described as a well-liked person by those who know her. All of these details have led to concern regarding her strange disappearance. There are numerous ideas being shared on social media as to what may have happened to her, but the fact remains that no new developments have surfaced to give any indications behind where she went.

Nicole Mittendorff is 31-years-old and was last seen approximately two days before she was reported missing. She was last heard from by her family, but very little public information is available regarding the last time anyone had any contact with her. What’s more, there is no information explaining why it took two days to report the Virginia woman missing. Authorities in Virginia are asking for help from the public. If you know any information which could be useful in finding out what happened to Nicole, please do not hesitate to contact the Virginia State Police.

What do you think happened to this missing woman? Are authorities right to declare that no foul play is suspected? Whatever the answers are to those questions, it’s important that Nicole Mittendorff’s loved ones are brought some kind of closure — whether it be to find this missing woman safe and alive, or to find out what happened to her.

[Photo via Virginia State Police/Twitter]