OtherInbox wants to cure email overload [free invites]

OtherInbox launched this week at TechCrunch50 and offers a different take on email overload.

OtherInbox assigns users a new domain name such as yourname.otherinbox.com, then allows you to make an infinite number of e-mail addresses on the fly, for example facebook@yourname.otherinbox.com or googlegroups@yourname.otherinbox.com. Each of these addresses corresponds to an e-mail folder in your OtherInbox account, which is auto-generated once the address has been confirmed.

The selling point is that your e-mail is already organized for you, instead of having to set up folders and rules. For those who don't want to use the service as their primary inbox, OtherInbox can send you an e-mail once per day with a summary of emails received.

The video of their presentation at TC50 below. We have 25 free invites for Inquisitr readers. Click here to sign up, first in, first served.