Talk of Natalie Wood’s Death And Robert Wagner Back In The News

It’s been almost 35 years, but people are still consumed with information surrounding the drowning death of Natalie Wood. Now, for the first time in years, those who were on the boat that night are talking, and Natalie Wood’s daughter, Natasha Gregson, is speaking out in support of her step-father, Robert Wagner, who has been followed by a dark cloud of suspicion since Wood went overboard on that night in Santa Catalina.

According to The Inquisitr, a video surfaced recently of Natalie Wood’s sister, Lana Wood, having a conversation about the investigation with Robert Wagner. Wood was asking Wagner why he wasn’t talking to investigators and participating in the search to find out what had happened to Natalie Wood that night.


CNN is now talking to Robert Wagner, who recently opened up about Natalie Wood and what happened that night on the Splendour, as well as the aftermath for his family.

“We were all so shattered by the loss, and we were hanging on to each other.”

In his 2009 book, Pieces of My Heart, Wagner said that on the night in question, he became jealous and had words with Natalie Wood and Christopher Walken. When he noticed that Wood was gone, and so was the dinghy, he thought she had gone ashore, but the dinghy was found miles away from Wood’s body.


Robert Wagner says that, though he is not Natasha Gregson’s father, as her step-father, they have a very close relationship, and Gregson feels the same about Wagner.

“My bond with Natasha is very, very intense. We’ve hung onto each other through the years and she means the world to me.”

Gregson is also a living reminder of Natalie Wood for Wagner. Wagner explains that it is sometimes the way she moves, or just a moment, but she seems to channel Natalie Wood, her mother. Gregson along with Wagner’s daughter, Katie Wagner, have developed a perfume based on memories of Natalie Wood called “Natalie,” which includes Wood’s signature scent, which was jungle gardenia.


But after all of these years, some of those aboard the Splendour that night, including Captain Dennis Davern, are changing their stories, according to Radar Online. Davern is now pointing a finger at Robert Wagner and says that he (Davern) passed a police-sanctioned polygraph about his new accusations.

It is unclear what has caused Davern suddenly tell a different story, but he is now suggesting that Wagner did something that night to Natalie Wood, something he believes caused her death. He says that he was asked if something transpired between Wood and Wagner. He said yes, and he was deemed to be telling the truth.

“When detectives had me hooked up to their polygraph test equipment, I was asked, ‘Did Robert Wagner murder Natalie Wood?’” Davern told Radar. “I answered, ‘Yes’ — and I passed!”

Polygraphs are not admissible in court, but the investigation is going further into what really happened that night.


Natalie Wood’s death was ruled accidental at the time, but when the investigation was reopened in 2011, it was changed to drowning and other undetermined factors, as Natalie Wood’s body was covered with bruises that couldn’t be explained.


Robert Wagner has the support of his wife, his children, and his step-daughter, Natasha Gregson, in answering any new questions about the death of Natalie Wood.

Do you think what happened that night onboard the Splendour was an accident, or do you think that Natalie Wood was killed?

[Photo by Dan Callister/Getty Images]