WWE News: WWE Dropping Lots Of Hints That Bullet Club Is Forming And Finn Balor Is Being Called Up Soon

Last week, Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows made their long-awaited debut as two former members of the Bullet Club appeared in WWE. This week, they met up with AJ Styles on Monday Night Raw in a New Japan Pro Wrestling (NJPW) reunion of sorts and then made their presence known later in the night with Roman Reigns. There are a lot of hints being dropped at a form of Bullet Club in WWE, and it could mean Finn Balor is arriving soon.

When Gallows and Anderson debuted in WWE, they simply entered the ring and decimated The Usos after their match. That doesn’t seem to be what their first feud will be as there was no real mention of it this week on Raw.

What did happen on Raw this week though is a reunion with AJ Styles, and it was simply backstage during a promo as recapped by WWE.

wwe news bullet club aj styles finn balor karl anderson luke gallows [Image via WWE]Anderson and Gallows met with Styles and talked about old times and how it had been a little while since they had seen one another. It was then that Anderson spoke about wanting to get to WWE his entire life as it was his goal, and Gallows thanked him for helping them get their foot in the door.

This is a big Bullet Club reunion clue to begin with, but there was something else quite subtle at the very beginning of the backstage segment. As they walked in, Gallows held his hand above his head, and Styles met his hand with the “Too Sweet” hand gesture.

Even though WWE kept it off-screen and above the view of the camera, it’s obvious that was what the interaction was. It’s also the greeting for the Bullet Club as well as it was for the nWo (New World Order) when it was still around.

wwe news bullet club aj styles finn balor karl anderson luke gallows too sweet [Image via Tumblr/NJPW]Everyone kind of thought that Anderson and Gallows were going to debut when Finn Balor was called up to the WWE main roster. Still, Balor retained the NXT Championship over Samoa Joe during WrestleMania 32 weekend, and people began thinking that plans had changed.

Well, something has definitely changed as Gallows and Anderson have now made their debuts, and Balor is still nowhere to be found. The thing is, there is still the possibility that he could be called up sooner rather than later, according to Cageside Seats.

Rumors were flying on Monday that Balor would possibly debut at Raw in London, but that didn’t happen. It has been noticed though that he has been extremely quiet on social media as he hasn’t posted on Twitter in over a week. His Instagram has been quiet for over a week as well.

That’s extremely strange for someone like Balor who posts often and teases the fans a lot.

wwe news bullet club aj styles finn balor karl anderson luke gallows roman reigns [Image via WWE]Going further on Monday Night Raw from yesterday evening, Roman Reigns was taken out by Anderson and Gallows as he was giving a promo. After beating him down, they hopped out of the ring, walked down the aisle, and patted AJ Styles on the shoulder.

The dominating duo is saying they will have Styles’ back when he takes on Reigns for the WWE World Heavyweight Title at Payback. Styles insisted that he had nothing to do with their actions and had no idea what they were going to do.

Still, that’s a lot of interesting signs pointing toward a new stable of some kind arriving in WWE. Maybe it will consist of Styles, Gallows, Anderson, and Balor. Perhaps they will turn on Styles when Balor debuts and be a trio instead of four-strong.

There are a number of combinations, but something big is taking place.

Now, will the Bullet Club ever really arrive in WWE? More than likely, the answer is “no.” NJPW does own the rights and trademark to that name and the symbol for the stable, but there could be some version in WWE. It could be Balor Club or Bulletproof or Bulletproof Balor Club or something else entirely. Either way, there will be involvement one way or another by Finn Balor, AJ Styles, Luke Gallows, and Karl Anderson.

[Image via WWE]