April 19, 2016
'The Bachelorette' 2016 Spoilers: JoJo Fletcher Begins Her Hometown Dates, Which Guys Are Seemingly Still In The Mix?

JoJo Fletcher is looking for love this spring on ABC's The Bachelorette 2016 season. The premiere does not air until late May, but filming is taking place now, and JoJo has just hit a critical point of the process. What are the latest Bachelorette spoilers available regarding the upcoming season?

Reality Steve's spoilers tease that JoJo Fletcher is about to begin her hometown dates with her final four bachelors. Kaitlyn Bristowe's season took an unexpected turn when filming hit this point, but Steve's Bachelorette spoilers indicate that Fletcher's journey will be more traditional in terms of these outings.

Bachelorette spoiler fans are speculating a bit about which guys will be receiving hometowns for Season 12 with JoJo, but so far, nothing concrete has emerged. However, teasers and photos do usually hit social media once filming hits the hometown areas, and in all likelihood, that will be the case this spring as well. Reality Steve's spoilers tease that more details will emerge soon, as the gossip guru says that he has pinned down three of the four remaining guys at this point.

Which guys are believed to still be in the running for JoJo's final rose? Reality Steve's Bachelorette spoilers have detailed that Jordan Rodgers, a former football player and the brother of Green Bay Packers star Aaron Rodgers, has definitely captured Fletcher's attention throughout filming. However, it is too soon to know just how far he will make it this spring.

Bachelorette spoiler fans over at the Bach and Bachette Fans site are digging into social media posts and are anxious to find hints about Fletcher's remaining guys although it appears that nothing concrete about the final four has emerged there yet either. However, it sounds as if in addition to Jordan, bachelors Luke Pell and Robby Hayes are generating some buzz with some suspecting that they will be having hometown dates with JoJo as well.

Bachelorette spoilers have indicated that just prior to beginning these family outings, JoJo and her suitors were filming in Argentina. Fletcher reportedly had a handful of dates in Buenos Aires, and Reality Steve's spoilers detail that there were dates held in Mendoza as well.

Some photos of the final eight guys in Buenos Aires hit Twitter, and it appears that Jordan, Luke, and Robby were still in the mix. Some of the other guys have been identified via Reality Steve's spoilers as Christian Bishop, Evan Bass, Grant Kemp, and Coley Knust, and there is seemingly one mystery guy in the group of eight as well.

The hometown dates are where things often solidify for the lead and their final pick. "Bachelor Nation" fans will remember how key these outings were for folks like Catherine and Sean Lowe as well as Ben Higgins and Lauren Bushnell. However, Bachelorette fans will have to wait a bit to see if the same can be said of Fletcher's journey. Will Jordan Rodgers remain a front-runner with JoJo as these hometowns play out or will another bachelor sneak in and take the lead?

The filming location for Fletcher's overnight fantasy suite dates and final rose ceremony have not been confirmed as of yet, but Reality Steve's spoilers tease that he has heard that a location in Thailand may be where JoJo and her last three guys head after the next rose ceremony. Will JoJo Fletcher find love on ABC's The Bachelorette 2016 season this spring? Fans are anxious to find out, and they can start following along as she looks for love when the premiere debuts on Monday, May 23.

[Image via Mike Fleiss' Twitter]