Beyoncé’s ‘Lemonade’ Details: HBO Special To Showcase New Album As TV Movie

Beyoncé is gearing up for quite the surprising TV special this Saturday, with sources alleging that the singer will showcase her new music material in the form of a televised movie.

There is no denying that Beyoncé’s return has been much-anticipated, but just when Queen Bey would drop her album was very much debatable until last week.

The 34-year-old shocked fans in a 30-second HBO teaser, signifying that Saturday evening would mark a very special day for the songstress.

The project, which is being branded as Lemonade, left a lot of fans speechless and puzzled, but according to various sources, Beyoncé is finally ready to unveil her sixth studio album.

Insiders allege that the mother-of-one has already shot all of the accompanied music videos to the tracks featured on her latest record. They’ll play in chronological order for fans to really grasp an understanding of the storyline that will develop throughout the TV movie.

Many assume that Beyoncé’s latest single, “Formation,” is just a taste of what the Bey-hive can expect the album to sound like. The song caused quite the controversy with police officers following Beyoncé’s performance at the Super Bowl earlier this year.

Police officers from those who are actively working to those already retired felt as if the singer was disregarding and disrespecting their work, and using a platform such as the Super Bowl to highlight the Black Panther movement was highly inappropriate.

Fans were outraged by the backlash that Beyoncé received following the release of the single in question, simply because the message was already clear to begin with: stop with the police brutality, especially those aimed at people of color.

Judging by the snippets that have since surfaced on YouTube, it appears as if Beyoncé isn’t backing down from the messages she wants to address to the public — police brutality being one of them.

As for the HBO special’s running time, ThatGrapeJuice reveals that Lemonade will run for one hour, which seems to make perfect sense if one was to assume that Beyoncé’s tracklist consists of roughly 15 songs, running no more than four minutes each.

Beyoncé’s decision to unveil her album in the form of a televised movie is just one of the recent innovative ideas she has come up with in reshaping the current state of the music industry.

OMG. @HBO have updated their schedule. @Beyonce #LEMONADE is 58 MINUTES LONG????

— AndyDrew (@andy_drew_is) April 19, 2016

Her previous self-titled album release in 2013 came as a complete shocker to fans, who were stunned to find the record on iTunes followed by an accompanied music video to every one of the songs on the album. And despite its lack of promotion, Beyoncé was still able to sell 4 million records with the self-titled project worldwide, along with a successful On The Run join-tour that grossed another $120 million from just 21 shows.

The demand for new Beyoncé music is at an all-time high, and with the idea of making the visualisation of an album her priority through the platform of HBO, Bey is bound to benefit from the ratings and the huge marketing campaign behind her forthcoming album, which is rumored to be sold exclusively on Jay-Z’s music streaming service Tidal.

Reports on its Tidal exclusivity have yet to be confirmed.

Are you excited for Beyoncé’s forthcoming TV special?

[Photo by Mike Coppola/Getty Images]