Transgender Bathrooms Facebook Post By Kristi Merritt Goes Viral: Ban Threatened, Washington Mom Says

Washington mom Kristi Merritt posted a message to Facebook showing herself wearing various creative outfits to make a point about transgender bathrooms. The post went viral and is in danger of being banned by Facebook, Merritt says.

Kristi Merritt does not support the idea of men who identify as women entering the ladies restroom or locker room. Her Facebook post went viral, and while the majority of the comments beneath the images were positive, some took offense to the mom sharing her opinion and reported the post to Facebook, claiming it contained nudity. However, it did not.

“A man in women’s clothes does not make him a woman. Men should not get to be in our bathrooms or locker rooms,” Kristi Merritt’s Facebook post read.

She added the hashtags #JustWantPrivacy and #BeBold to the status update above the photos.

Religious liberty laws, which relate to transgender bathrooms and locker rooms, are currently pending in several states. Tennessee lawmakers just tabled such a bill for a year to allow time for additional research. Similar legislation is still pending in North Carolina and Mississippi amid heated debate.

Some celebrities have threatened or refused to perform in any state that will not allow men who identify as women or women who identify as men to go into the public restroom or locker room that matches the gender they believe they are but do not necessarily have corresponding genitalia.

Transgender activists have stated a belief that the pending laws are dangerous and could lead to physical assaults if a person born a man but identifies as a woman is forced to enter the men’s bathroom, the Independent Journal Review reports. Supporters of the religious liberty laws and transgender bathroom opponents maintain it is an invasion of privacy and dangerous for women and young girls to have a physical male use such facilities alongside them.

Kristi Merritt’s transgender bathroom Facebook message is not the only social media post that is sparking both intense controversy and an outpouring of support.

On her Facebook page, Merritt also shared a news story about a university hiring a “white man who identifies as a Hindu woman” as the coordinator of a women’s center on campus.

Here’s an excerpt from Kristi Merritt’s Facebook page addressing a possible ban on the transgender bathroom post.

“Facebook is trying to make me remove this post, they are trying to say it has nudity in it. Here’s what’s happening. The people who are trying to censor me are reporting it as having nudity in it, which it clearly does not. THIS IS HOW THE LEFTIST HATERS function, only they have free speech!!!”

Republican North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory signed the religious liberty bill into law but signed an executive order making it illegal to fire a state employee for being either transgender or gay, the Washington Post reports. LGBT groups and individual activists are still unhappy with the governor, state lawmakers, and the new mandate, because the transgender bathrooms portion of the legislation remained intact.

North Carolina State Representative Tim Moore, also a Republican and Speaker of the House, applauds Governor McCrory’s actions and feels the religious freedom bill has been both “unfairly reported” and demeaned by liberal activists.

“Governor McCrory’s executive order affirms the importance of the actions the General Assembly took in passing the Bathroom Bill to protect North Carolina citizens from extremists’ efforts to undermine civility and normalcy in our everyday lives,” Representative Moore said.

A statement from the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and other groups fighting against the transgender bathroom law deemed the LGBT termination executive order a “poor effort to save face” by the North Carolina Governor after he committed “sweeping attacks” on the gay and transgender community.

What do you think about the Kristi Merritt Facebook post and the transgender bathroom vs. religious liberty battle?

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